Poet in Residence. Mansour Noorbakhsh


Since the first issue of WordCity Literary Journal, we have been uplifted by the support of Toronto, Canada poet Mansour Noorbakhsh. With poetry featured in each one of our issues, speaking to world events, Mansour’s presence in WCLJ is one of poetic journalist and ambassador, while also serving as constant ally and friend.

In addition to his own writing, Mansour’s dedication to WordCity extends far beyond our pages, to the many WCLJ poets who have been featured in translation on his weekly Persian Radio segments. It is with gratitude that we bring Mansour into the WordCity family as our Poet in Residence.

About Mansour

Mansour Noorbakhsh writes poems and stories in both English and Farsi, his first language, and has published books, poems, and articles in both languages. His book length poem: “In Search of Shared Wishes” is published in 2017. He tries to be a voice for freedom, human rights, and environment in his writings. He presents The Contemporary Canadian Poets in a weekly Persian radio program (https://persianradio.net/poets/ or https://t.me/ottawaradio)

Mansour’s poems are published in “WordCity Lit. (https://wordcitylit.ca)”, Verse Afire, Parkland Poets, several anthologies, and other places. His poems are translated in Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Serbian, Macedonian, and Chinese, Mansour Noorbakhsh is an Electrical Engineer, and lives with his wife, his daughter and his son in Toronto, Canada. 

Email: m.noorbakhsh@hotmail.com

“I see a child dreaming of rain in a thirsty desert that has forgotten the moment”

Mansour Noorbakhsh

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