WordCity Literary Journal. September 2022.

©®| All rights to the content of this journal remain with WordCity Literary Journal and its contributing artists. Table of Contents Letter from the Editor. Non-fiction Editor Olga Stein Where We are Now Putting together an issue that is critical of the new anti-abortion laws in the USA has been wrenching for us at WordCity.Continue reading “WordCity Literary Journal. September 2022.”

Bitter Sweet. a poem by Dakarai Mashava

Bitter Sweet (For my granny Mbuya Kwenda on her 92nd birthday) What a beautiful sight to behold You atop the giant mountain of time Looking back into time Aeon upon aeon Sucking in both happy and sad memories Remembering the bountiful harvests that made you an envied farmer Remembering too your people who fell byContinue reading “Bitter Sweet. a poem by Dakarai Mashava

The Knight. a poem by Todd Matson

The Knight She shouldn’t be here? Are you referring to how she shouldn’t have survived being born so premature only to prematurely lose her mom at age 4 when she had to go live with her aunt where she was mentally, emotionally, verbally, physically and sexually abused by her uncle from 4 to 14, andContinue reading “The Knight. a poem by Todd Matson

In the bewitched aviary. a poem by Paweł Markiewicz

In the bewitched aviary The sonnet according to Mr. Shakespeare Helots muse about moony Golden Fleece of the condor. Drudges think of the dreamy eternal dew of the hen. Philosophers ponder on winged fantasy of the crow. Kings ruminate on a picturesque gold of the jay. Priests contemplate the dreamed, soft, meek weird of theContinue reading “In the bewitched aviary. a poem by Paweł Markiewicz”

Damselflies. a poem by Anne Sorbie

Damselflies What if we women all met in the Garden of Eden stretched our arms wide as branches stood together embracing our art with joy What if we flew down to the river to kneel washed each other’s tired feet offering the healing that comes with touch as our kind has done for millennia TheContinue reading “Damselflies. a poem by Anne Sorbie”

3 poems by Laura Sweeney

MEDITATION ON CAREENING If you are careening toward the darkness standing at the intersection of New Beginnings and Old Era Road, confused about how to recover from a rut remember bad shit happens but bitches who are bad bounce back. Walk the tidepool against the current. You do not have to be discreet reserved orContinue reading “3 poems by Laura Sweeney

4 poems by Anjum Wasim Dar

When the Only Son leaves home for studies abroad. Everlasting Bonds, by Birth I never felt the distance before, Nor sensed the silence in the room, I never missed the familiar footstep Nor the clutching click of the door; Now often I think I hear The soft burr of your bike Rolling, whirring in theContinue reading “4 poems by Anjum Wasim Dar