4 poems by Finn Harvor

BOY MEETS GIRL AFTER BATTLE 1 Pretty in the morning Disfigured by afternoon, The girl lies under rubble Where a soldier spots her, Not realizing that three hours earlier Everything else being equal, He would have felt differently And their meeting, Crump-thuddy And shot-staccatoed, Would had led to something more, A sequel. BOY MEETS GIRLContinue reading “4 poems by Finn Harvor”

2 poems by Pratibha Castle

Forest Eulogy I choose a druid oak to oversee your journey, rest my back against its gravelled spine, sense its heartbeat syncopate with mine. A winter past, we savoured wine sparkled to rubies by flickers in the grate, crackling bark, guzzling logs, bone chips and ash silky as the apple blossom talc you loved. NextContinue reading “2 poems by Pratibha Castle”

Plaything. a poem by Susmit Panda

Plaything Zip it! Don’t tell me that the world’s a hard place, man. I am the youngest of the Matryoshka clan. Don’t let no demon child dismantle, one by one The mother, daughter and the baby son. She sees, on my behalf, the dark, dark sky; She sees, on my behalf, how human beings cry.Continue reading “Plaything. a poem by Susmit Panda”

2 poems by Mansour Noorbakhsh. WCLJ poet-in-residence

The Meaning of Joints The night, grapples with the buttons of my garment in the repetition of a battle between the meaning of my fingers and the numbness of the cold. I am not afraid of death My fear is the repetition of death and its multiplication. I have died many times before in theContinue reading “2 poems by Mansour Noorbakhsh. WCLJ poet-in-residence”

Birth of a Girl. a poem by Fatema Akhtar. translated by Bänoo Zan

Birth of a Girl Among desert-roaming nomads one evening the downcast sickly-yellow Sun collected her wares, gathered her skirts and hurried towards the dark The tent was black, the woman in pain, her soul on fire, consumed, yet cold Once more, it’s a girl—What an end to nine months of fear and hope Not aContinue reading “Birth of a Girl. a poem by Fatema Akhtar. translated by Bänoo Zan”

Golden Paradise. a poem by Yuan Hongri. translated by Yuanbing Zhang

Golden Paradise Golden birds ah! Flew above my head A golden ribbon Spreading out to me from the sky I saw the golden mountains Smiling at me in the distance The layers of airy pavilions and pagodas Standing in the purple-red clouds The gardens in the sky ah! The exquisite pagodas The bridge of goldsContinue reading “Golden Paradise. a poem by Yuan Hongri. translated by Yuanbing Zhang”

2 poems by Anne Sorbie

Promise of Birch Below winter’s crust the earth gestates the kind of life we’ve come to expect of her We see her anticipation in the arms of trees reaching east and west embracing the most wuthering winds accepting their dull roar as they have for centuries Their roots umbilical by nature grow beneath the protectionContinue reading “2 poems by Anne Sorbie”

2 poems by Michelle Reale

CATALYTIC Swimming upstream is a talent. Movement abstracted from a particular situation is an exercise and not a particularly useful one. For instance, when I was born , a man leaned over me with a silver dollar on his chest. It gleamed with possibility, I was told. Intention counted for something then. His disappointment shoneContinue reading “2 poems by Michelle Reale”

left or right. a poem by Gabriel Bates

left or right it doesn’t really matter which side of the circus we each choose to stand on because either way, the donkeys and elephants will just end up trampling over everyone. Return to Journal Gabriel Bates is a poet living in Tiffin, Ohio. His work has appeared in several publications, online and in print.Continue reading “left or right. a poem by Gabriel Bates”

Requiem for Edwin Chiloba. a poem by James Coburn

A note from James Coburn on Edwin Chiloba: Gone too soon Life is not a four letter word. Neither is a tear, love, or the gift of the late Edwin Chiloba. His fashion design and precious spark of life resonated with a celebratory tone for humanity. Chiloba is gone too soon. On January 6, policeContinue reading “Requiem for Edwin Chiloba. a poem by James Coburn”