What’s The Point. a poem by Mitchell Sheffield

What’s The Point What’s the point of tanks if you can’t have a little fun? Riding on the rusty turret and swiveling the gun. Computer games are all that war’s about, Say hungry soldiers grabbing little piggies by the snout. Just a game of hide and seek ,as artillery triangulation is adjusted just a tweak.Continue reading “What’s The Point. a poem by Mitchell Sheffield”

Eve and her Descendants. part 2 of an essay by Olga Stein

Eve and her Descendants (Note to readers: This is the second part of the essay titled, “Religious Revanchism in the USA and that Old Antipathy for Women,” which appeared in the September 2022 issue of WordCity.)   Who is Eve and what does she stand for? It has become an important question of late, especiallyContinue reading “Eve and her Descendants. part 2 of an essay by Olga Stein”

Table of Contents. November 2022

Letter from the Editor. WCLJ’s non-fiction editor, Olga Stein Fine Art. Media Eruption. by Michele Rule Miroslava Panayotova Fiction. Edited by Sylvia Petter Fires Near Me. by Faye Brinsmead Cut As if By Knife. by Wayne F. Burke In the Beginning There Was Sound. by Dana Neacşu Non-fiction. Edited by Olga Stein Good for You.Continue reading “Table of Contents. November 2022”

WordCity Literary Journal. November 2022.

©®| All rights to the content of this journal remain with WordCity Literary Journal and its contributing artists. Table of Contents Letter from the Editor. WordCity’s non-fiction editor, Olga Stein Our War on War War isn’t a place anyone would want to visit. Even this statement borders on the inane and insensitive, given the scaleContinue reading “WordCity Literary Journal. November 2022.”

November 2022 Editorial: Our War on War. by Olga Stein

Our War on War War isn’t a place anyone would want to visit. Even this statement borders on the inane and insensitive, given the scale of destruction, death, and suffering we’ve been shown by journalists who’re forced to shield consumers of news from the real devastation taking place on the ground. Let’s keep in mindContinue reading “November 2022 Editorial: Our War on War. by Olga Stein”

Churchill At Munich. a novel excerpt by Michael Carin

The novel Churchill At Munich is a work of alternate history. It orchestrates events such that Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister a couple of years before he actually did. The lion-hearted man of legend then attends the pivotal Munich Conference in place of the deluded and spineless Neville Chamberlain. In this passage, the exceptional eventsContinue reading “Churchill At Munich. a novel excerpt by Michael Carin”

Media Eruption. mixed media by Michele Rule

Media Eruption, 2021 Artist: Michele Rule Acrylic, collage Artist Statement: I was inspired to create this piece as COVID progressed and there was an onslaught of media attention, both good and bad. The push-pull between truth and misinformation made me anxious for what might happen to our communities and world.       Michele RuleContinue reading “Media Eruption. mixed media by Michele Rule”

A Changing World. visual art by Miroslava Panayotova

Return to Journal Miroslava Panayotova (Bulgaria) graduated from Plovdiv University, specialty Bulgarian philology and English language. She has published poems, stories, tales, aphorisms, essays, criticisms, translations, articles and interviews in periodical and collections. She has published the following poetry books: Nuances, 1994, God of the senses, 2005, Pitcher, 2014, Whisper of leaves, 2017, Green feeling,Continue reading “A Changing World. visual art by Miroslava Panayotova”

Fires Near Me. fiction by Faye Brinsmead

Fires Near Me We went to bed with the sliding doors open, but smoke woke us at 4. Uncanny, how fast the sleeping brain reacts to fire. The slightest whiff, and bam! You sprang up and closed the doors.  Thanks. I stroked the back of your neck, C1 and C2, where you tense up. Aircon?Continue reading “Fires Near Me. fiction by Faye Brinsmead”