July 2021 Call for Poetry and Non-Fiction

For the next issue of WordCity Literary Journal, while we will not be dedicating all of our space to a theme, we would like to invite poetry and non-fiction (our fiction portfolio is already full) that includes writing on women’s rights in the workplace, in high tech, medicine, research, etc. Writing by men and womenContinue reading “July 2021 Call for Poetry and Non-Fiction”

WordCity Literary Journal. (M)othering

Table of Contents Letters from the Editors:Darcie Friesen Hossackwith guest editors Anne Sorbie and Heidi Grogan Dear Readers, This month is special for a number of reasons. Spring has finally arrived in the Northern Rockies climate I call home. It is also the month of Mothering, or Mother’s Day, in certain parts of the world.Continue reading “WordCity Literary Journal. (M)othering”

Table of Contents. Mothering Issue. May 2021

Main Journal Letters from the Editors: Darcie Friesen Hossack with guest editors Anne Sorbie and Heidi Grogan Podcast. Produced by Jane Spokenword Trudy SilVER Fiction. Edited by Sylvia Petter Still Life. By Irena Karafilly Mother. By Kelly Kaur Image of Her. By Sheila E. Tucker Transplanted. By Mansour Noorbakhsh Matthew. By Sylvia Petter Non-Fiction. EditedContinue reading “Table of Contents. Mothering Issue. May 2021”

Women Circle. Memoir by Misty Hawes

   Women Circle                 I sit in the viewing area, not really paying attention. I fidget on the uncomfortable benches. They are hard and backless, and I have other things to do. But my daughter, out on the floor, likes to see me when she glances over. So here I sit. As I watch herContinue reading “Women Circle. Memoir by Misty Hawes”

Where is the (M) in Mother? Memoir by Heidi Grogan

Where is the M in (M)other? My children’s birth mothers inform my “othering” every day.  As an adoptive mother, I am always and all the time looking for the (M) … under beds where mismatched socks wait to be found, in wet laundry gone stank because I forgot, in report cards needing to be signed.Continue reading “Where is the (M) in Mother? Memoir by Heidi Grogan”

Image of her. A flash fiction by Sheila E. Tucker

Image of her I have this fleeting memory of her sitting on her bed, still and silent, as dawn’s soft sun fingered its way through the sheers. She was unaware that I stood in the doorway, for she was far away, staring out of the window and—what?—remembering him? planning an escape? asking herself why?     Continue reading “Image of her. A flash fiction by Sheila E. Tucker”

(M)othering on an Empty Stomach. Memoir by Sandy Bezanson

(M)othering on an empty stomach I have recently become a supporter of Fake News. Fake news, fake facts, fake time, days, seasons—I am now an ardent supporter of all of these and more. As I walk with my dear mother down the final path of her life, I will support anything that makes her travellingContinue reading “(M)othering on an Empty Stomach. Memoir by Sandy Bezanson”

A Wedding and a Funeral, Truth for Cam Canada. By Marion Collin and Yvonne Trainer

A WEDDING AND A FUNERAL, TRUTH FOR CAM CANADA  That day, October 7, 2018, was warm and sunny. It was Thanksgiving: turkey cooked, guests arriving, and we were dining a day early, on Sunday, instead of Monday. This made it easier for travel. Our adult daughter and family called to say they would arrive late.Continue reading “A Wedding and a Funeral, Truth for Cam Canada. By Marion Collin and Yvonne Trainer”

Mine. Rubric. 2 poems by Andrea Holland

Mine – For C. There were times I left my tools at the top. There were times I pitched against the rock against my will against you sedimentary, fixed to everything around me. Therein a song of the dark lit a little by shine off the walls. I thought I made you but you wereContinue reading “Mine. Rubric. 2 poems by Andrea Holland”

3 poems by Angela Costi (Aggeliki Kosti)

Mothers A. I can lose myself between bed and mirror cot and door lamp and window I can merge with the suckling at my chest the train snoring at my side the call of the lonely magpie, still I drain into the miracle. The dark, the shadows, the moon my mind his growing mind evokeContinue reading “3 poems by Angela Costi (Aggeliki Kosti)”