3 poems by D.R. James

Lakeside Bird Feeder, Squirrels Now if I had ambition I’d be this kung fu squirrel, this lighter one, this Jackie Chan, scaling stucco to ledge to chimney to the hovering skid of the evil whiz kid’s waffling chopper, perpetual motion my only gear, my sidekick wacky as this blacker one, who tries but can’t quiteContinue reading “3 poems by D.R. James”

A Place Inside. a poem by Christopher Johnson

A Place Inside There is a place inside that we keep secret. A place of darkness, bleakness And madness and leaden attitudes toward others, A place that feels like molten iron, Burning us inside, Crying to escape, A place that is desperately lonely, That wants the reassurance of mother’s milk. A place that churns withContinue reading “A Place Inside. a poem by Christopher Johnson”

3 poems by Vyacheslav Konoval

A patriot in a bulletproof vest Asian tigress, and a brave Kazakh kitty, purrs quietly sneak up, meanwhile fear of enemies as the holiday approaches. Body armor factory fragile girl built national glory and honor You, Madina, deserve it. Volunteer veterans A battalion is born from former police officers, wear a chevron take the patchContinue reading “3 poems by Vyacheslav Konoval”

2 poems by Debra Black

Boketto: The Act of Gazing Into the Distance tap-dancing into the sea, gazing into and between the here and there, the formless formlessness, the never-ending horizon, edgeless perfection of nothing and everything, perfect emptiness. floating into the timeless sky graced by a single lotus, white translucent pearls in the sky. Wabi Sabi: Beauty in theContinue reading “2 poems by Debra Black”

4 poems by Michael Lee Johnson

I Age Arthritis and aging make it hard, I walk gingerly, with a cane, and walk slow, bent forward, fear threats, falls, fear denouement─ I turn pages, my family albums become a task. But I can still bake and shake, sugar cookies, sweet potato, lemon meringue pies. Alone, most of my time, but never onContinue reading “4 poems by Michael Lee Johnson”

3 poems by James Croal Jackson

Infinity Reservoir each time a glass is raised to mouth & drank each time it’s clear water’s the last to go take a river under forever dry ground or a waterfall bounding from nothing if the sky was ocean we’d drink it falling filling another cup to restore our blood where to place this treasuryContinue reading “3 poems by James Croal Jackson”

Mirage of Greatness. a poem by Gerald Seniuk

MIRAGE OF GREATNESS Oh Putin, how sad you must feel, humiliated and beaten back in Kyiv, which you boasted would be taken in three days. The embarrassment of all those tanks, strung out, unable to move forward, unable to escape, all proudly marked with your own nazified Zed— how you must dread having to lookContinue reading “Mirage of Greatness. a poem by Gerald Seniuk”