Table of Contents. WordCity Literary Journal. May 2022. Issue 14. For Ukraine

This page is still in progress… Letter from the Editor. Guest letter by Clara Burgelea Fiction. Edited by Sylvia Petter Geoffrey Heptonstall. The Caterpillar’s Crawl Dawn Promislow. Wan Vanessa Gebbie. Letters from Kilburn Ahmad Ali Fidakar. A story from a tired land (words and gallery)   Non-fiction. Edited by Olga Stein Editorial by Olga Stein.Continue reading “Table of Contents. WordCity Literary Journal. May 2022. Issue 14. For Ukraine”

The ‘Jaws’ of Victory. non-fiction by Maxim Matusevich

The ‘Jaws’ of Victory That spring of 1988 was a spring like no other. At the end of March, the elderly Minister of Defense issued his bi-annual decommissioning order. It was published in all the major newspapers — a small and inconspicuous looking item at the bottom of the back page of the Izvestia orContinue reading “The ‘Jaws’ of Victory. non-fiction by Maxim Matusevich”

Table of Contents. March 2022. Issue 14

Letter from the Editor. Darcie Friesen Hossack Fiction. Edited by Sylvia Petter Picture Perfect. by Cath Barton The Marriage of True Minds. by Debra Kennedy Bussing for Your Lives. by Sylvia Petter Shock and Denial. by Doug Jacquier  Non-fiction. Edited by Olga Stein Women’s Happiness: Linking Writing with Well-being. March 2022 Editorial by Olga SteinContinue reading “Table of Contents. March 2022. Issue 14”

Springing into Something Else. a review of books by Gordon Phinn

Springing into Something Else Books Under Consideration: Beautiful World, Where Are You; Sally Rooney, (Knopf Canada2021)Orwell’s Roses, Rebecca Solnit (Viking, 2021)Nothing Could be Farther from The Truth, Christopher Evans (Anansi, 2022)Vagabond, Ceilidh Michelle, (Douglas & McIntyre, 2021)Apart, a Year of Pandemic Poetry and Prose, Courtney Bates-Hardy & Dave Margoches, eds, (Saskatchewan Writer’s Guild 2021) SomeContinue reading “Springing into Something Else. a review of books by Gordon Phinn”

This Christmas. fiction by Marzia Rahman

This Christmas This year, Christmas will come quietly, unceremoniously. There won’t be any Christmas party this time. Santa will come, wearing a mask, riding a chariot but he will avoid the crowd. April is the cruelest month—T. S. Eliot once wrote in his epic poem, The Waste Land—Ryan, a young Bulgarian poet in his earlyContinue reading “This Christmas. fiction by Marzia Rahman”

Night and Day. Oh, Heisenberg. poetry by Lauren Friesen

Night and Day We cannot see it Or feel when it arrives Even our ears are helpless In separating this reality From nothingness Except we now learn That it is not a thing Or even a million But the detritus Cast off in waves From the heart Of beating atoms Within a beating heart AndContinue reading “Night and Day. Oh, Heisenberg. poetry by Lauren Friesen”

Lilith. a poem by Laszlo Aranyi (Frater Azmon)

Lilith The legend says that I’m a witch hunched over seven times. With killer breath, and killer bite. I torment wimps. Embryo pose: lies dormant, then sniffs and slips in sweat. Swinging a snake-headed crutch, lured by the gap-toothed sickle of the waning moon. I’ll contaminate the mercenary, the hangman, the feeble servant. He whoContinue reading “Lilith. a poem by Laszlo Aranyi (Frater Azmon)”

that forgotten place. a poem by Josephine LoRe

that forgotten place Where the grey light meets the green air The hermit’s chapel, the pilgrim’s prayer – T.S. Eliot, Landscapes III There’s a place that time’s forgotten beyond the hermit’s chapel beyond the pilgrim’s prayer Brooks burble with words of wonder and chirrups fill the air There among larkspur and bluebell a bed ofContinue reading “that forgotten place. a poem by Josephine LoRe”

The Scream. a poem by John Eliot

The Scream You know I could have chuckled into my tea Morning time six thirty-three With a promise of blue sky But rain again Against library skylight. Will it ever stop raining this summer in France? email box gave me a message. Drama queen at best, manic depressive at worst. Never hear. Don’t hold theContinue reading “The Scream. a poem by John Eliot”

Dark armies and other poems by Fabrice Poussin

Dark armies They have arrived monsters under cover of three pieces including tie and a good old book. A great star of light and life still shines far above the darkening land perhaps it waits to pounce at last. They are closing on to the innocent faces of grins and mocking smiles as they takeContinue reading “Dark armies and other poems by Fabrice Poussin”