Invitation to Mom. A poem by Mary Pecaut

Invitation to Mom (After Mirna Stone) If I can bring you back again it would be on a day like this when the sky opens wide to the water pelicans perch on fishing boats and lego-like container ships navigate the Panama Canal And I would bring you to my rooftop and tell you THIS isContinue reading “Invitation to Mom. A poem by Mary Pecaut”

in.ception. A poem by Josephine LoRe

in.ception       Scientists have captured the flash of light that sparks when a sperm meets an egg I knew         I walked from the bed to the bathroom and knew                                         a life inside my life a spark                                              within my spark a flash                           infinitesimal then the size of flaxseed         Continue reading “in.ception. A poem by Josephine LoRe”

A Life of Envy. A poem by Lynn Tait

A Life of Envy in memory of Stephen 1983-2012 I would rather someone to call sister, brother, father rather than my family tree rootless, without leaves; a life-path with fewer side streets, instead of twists and turns— crossroads leading to dead ends. I would rather hear the hum and drawl—calling for Mom again, talks withContinue reading “A Life of Envy. A poem by Lynn Tait”

A Dedication To My (M)other. A poem excerpt by Mbizo Chirasha

The lines below are excerpted (by Anne Sorbie MA) from the manuscript, Poetry DNA / Midnight Monologues, and specifically from the poem, “DREAMS OF MY ANCESTOR: A dedication to my mother,” by Zimbabwean poet, Mbizo Chirashsa.   A Dedication To My (M)other As I dangled on your struggle – hardened back I carved poetry fromContinue reading “A Dedication To My (M)other. A poem excerpt by Mbizo Chirasha”

When Other Orders a Mother’s Heart. A poem and a hybrid by Nancy Ndeke

WHEN OTHER ORDERS A MOTHER’S HEART The soil,dirty,darkly brown, often damp, The liquid gold of wombic nurture and stature, The goddess with nimble fingers and tender breasts, Teaching lullabies in a preachers trembling tunes upon a fevered wake, A father’s gift for a name after his father’s and further down the lineage, The place ofContinue reading “When Other Orders a Mother’s Heart. A poem and a hybrid by Nancy Ndeke”

Miscarriage. Mynah Messiah. 2 Poems by Rachel J. Fenton

Miscarriage A German Shepherd has his head and front paws in your hutch, lifted off the lid to climb in and almost had you. I had woken from a dream; thought I’d heard someone knocking the fence in. Outside the bedroom window, the dog stares when I scream ‘Oh,’ as if I’ve discovered my babyContinue reading “Miscarriage. Mynah Messiah. 2 Poems by Rachel J. Fenton”

Baltic Bread. A poem by Dolly Dennis

BALTIC BREAD – (for my mama) autumn. unraked lawns, yarns of lilac twigs garnish gardens, now ignored. a new school year. i comb neglected leaves, meditate, salivate, remember black bread and sour cream— after class, a run to the bakery. such a hunger for a six year old. i start to nibble, nosh like AliceContinue reading “Baltic Bread. A poem by Dolly Dennis”

My Mom’s Secret. A poem by Narayan Bhattarai

My Mom’s Secret My mom bears the chronicle of Nepali women in her rough hands hardened by time and in the wrinkles of her jittery countenance She is a history never to be written because nothing big happened in her life When she had to get a toy to play with she got a bridalContinue reading “My Mom’s Secret. A poem by Narayan Bhattarai”

Biter Cherries. Burdocks. 2 poems by Monica Manolachi

Bitter Cherries It took her a month to buy a salt shaker. One day she had a last eclair with her daughters in town. She left her soul at home on the hallstand and slowly climbed the airstairs to the country of sighing where immigrants go. A walking dead as she was, she had noContinue reading “Biter Cherries. Burdocks. 2 poems by Monica Manolachi”

Baba Yaga’s Child. A poem by Kate Rogers

Baba Yaga’s Child I Baba Yaga gathers tiny corpses of broken birds beneath her windows. She hangs eaves and pine limbs with home-made bone wind chimes, strings bush lout bone-anchors, threads the basket rib cage of a pied biter, weaves in cuckoo wings for lift. At the top of the strand, hummingbird beaks, needles toContinue reading “Baba Yaga’s Child. A poem by Kate Rogers”