Lotus Flower. Fiction by Kelly Kaur

Lotus Flower         My high-pitched wails permeated the humid, grey-walled hospital room. Loud, angry protests of being rudely thrust into the crap of life. My mother shed bitter tears of regret. Not the coveted son my father wanted. A second daughter. A woman who could only deliver girl children. Useless. My mother gazed indifferentlyContinue reading “Lotus Flower. Fiction by Kelly Kaur”

Mother. A story by Kelly Kaur

Mother Gurbir thrashed her torso in grief on the lime green sofa, the one covered in thick, shiny plastic to keep it permanently clean. Her muffled sobs added to the unlikely squeak of friction of her bright pink silk suit against the sticky plastic. She beat her forehead with both her palms. Her twenty-four heavy,Continue reading “Mother. A story by Kelly Kaur”