Bussing for Your Lives. fiction by Sylvia Petter

Bussing for Your Lives I’d been to visit a cousin on Lake Constance close to the Austrian border. He was an anti-vaxxer. My best friend had also gone down the rabbit hole. Part of me wanted to understand. Another part didn’t. “I’ll drive you to the border,” he said. “There’s a bus going straight toContinue reading “Bussing for Your Lives. fiction by Sylvia Petter”

Picture Perfect. fiction by Cath Barton

Picture Perfect                                                                                                          The gîte looks exactly as advertised in the brochure: Blue pool, shady terrace (for long, lazy lunches), vineyards dripping with ripening grapes stretching into the distance. Three spacious double bedrooms. Peace and absolutely quiet. Perfect for a relaxing family holiday. The only thing it doesn’t say in the brochure is that it’s aContinue reading “Picture Perfect. fiction by Cath Barton”

The Marriage of True Minds. fiction by Debra Kennedy

The Marriage of True Minds We sleep in separate bedrooms now and text to communicate. I won’t get within six feet of him, but I’m not leaving, nor is he, now that we both know our true minds. It started with an earworm. A couple of weeks ago I was weeding one of the flowerbedsContinue reading “The Marriage of True Minds. fiction by Debra Kennedy”