A Poet’s Widow Writes to Her Late Husband. fiction by Irena Karafilly

A Poet’s Widow Writes to Her Late Husband What I remember most vividly is the scent of dying chrysanthemums. It was Labour Day weekend. We sat together on the sundeck steps, in that nameless season between seasons, breathing in the piercing smells of rain-soaked earth and stunted vegetation. After a while, a beautiful grey catContinue reading “A Poet’s Widow Writes to Her Late Husband. fiction by Irena Karafilly”

Morning Star. fiction by Chantel Lavoie

Morning Star Caked in rich mud, it lies in the husband’s gloved hand, plucked from the garden with an accidental carrot and a deliberate handful of weeds. It smells green. He hoses it off at the side of the house and carries it into the kitchen. He hands it to her, her own hand comingContinue reading “Morning Star. fiction by Chantel Lavoie”

Couples. fiction by Olga Stein

COUPLES More than a decade has passed since the events I’m about to recount took place. It’s important to state this at the outset because the early 2000s seem like a different world. It was possible then not to know things. It was conceivable that a writer could ‘borrow’—ideas, even characters—without committing a theft, andContinue reading “Couples. fiction by Olga Stein”

Finding Transcendence in an Upside-Down World. fiction by Marzia Rahman

Finding Transcendence into an Upside-Down World When I woke up this morning, I looked out of the window and found the world upside down. I didn’t say anything. I didn’t think much of it. I didn’t want to puzzle myself. I carried on making breakfast; I made toasts and scrambled eggs and a cup ofContinue reading “Finding Transcendence in an Upside-Down World. fiction by Marzia Rahman”

The Clockwork Trinity. fiction by Brian Hughes

The Clockwork Trinity Michael had a box of parts that he had bought and salvaged with the idea of building a remote control car. That box was as far as the project got. Some of the pieces had cost him a lot of money but most of them had been bought at garage sales, fromContinue reading “The Clockwork Trinity. fiction by Brian Hughes”

How the Tree Leaves Helped the Poet. fiction by Dilan Qadir

How the Tree Leaves Helped the Poet He gladly told everyone—sometimes volunteered unsolicited—of the first time he met her at a poetry reading. It was the evening of March 21st, International Poetry Day. He was invited to a reading at a neighbourhood library in North Vancouver. Back then he was working at a clothing storeContinue reading “How the Tree Leaves Helped the Poet. fiction by Dilan Qadir”

Faculty Lounge. fiction by Paul Germano

FACULTY LOUNGE Blue-eyed social studies teacher Claire Peabody pushes open the door to the faculty lounge, letting herself in and shutting out the sweaty stink of youth that permeates the middle school’s hallways. Inside the lounge, the air smells inviting, thanks to an autumn breeze blowing through a propped-open window that intermingles with the ruggedContinue reading “Faculty Lounge. fiction by Paul Germano”

Literary Spotlight. Marthese Fenech in Conversation with Sue Burge

LITERARY SPOTLIGHT: MARTHESE FENECH – STORYTELLING HISTORY   For this issue I was lucky enough to hook up with Marthese Fenech, who writes historical fiction, a genre I devour and admire!  I love all of Mar’s answers below, she answers my questions as a true and natural storyteller and is the polar opposite of theContinue reading “Literary Spotlight. Marthese Fenech in Conversation with Sue Burge”

WordCity Literary Journal. November 2022.

©®| All rights to the content of this journal remain with WordCity Literary Journal and its contributing artists. Table of Contents Letter from the Editor. WordCity’s non-fiction editor, Olga Stein Our War on War War isn’t a place anyone would want to visit. Even this statement borders on the inane and insensitive, given the scaleContinue reading “WordCity Literary Journal. November 2022.”

Churchill At Munich. a novel excerpt by Michael Carin

The novel Churchill At Munich is a work of alternate history. It orchestrates events such that Winston Churchill becomes Prime Minister a couple of years before he actually did. The lion-hearted man of legend then attends the pivotal Munich Conference in place of the deluded and spineless Neville Chamberlain. In this passage, the exceptional eventsContinue reading “Churchill At Munich. a novel excerpt by Michael Carin”