Ava Homa in Conversation with Jane SpokenWord

In this months podcast we introduce you to Kurdish activist, humanitarian, speaker, and writer in exile, Ms. Ava Homa. She believes in the power of books, and her love for writing can be felt in the depth of her imagery and the power of her spirit. In our interview she shares her work and herContinue reading “Ava Homa in Conversation with Jane SpokenWord”

Poetry by Mansour Noorbakhsh

Trapped or Glowing (After execution of Navid Afkari another human rights activist in Iran)                      I saw dew drops on a spiderweb glowing, in this beautiful morning. Are they trapped, or it’s a place for them to glow? First thing as you woke up in the spiderweb of social media, was that another young braveContinue reading “Poetry by Mansour Noorbakhsh”