Festival of Dashain. A poem by Saraswoti Lamichhane

Festival of Dashain   Dashain comes again in Canada from the back alley of busy routine  on a Monday watches my two hands multiplied ten a battle of usual weekdays    to my daughters, Dashain is a story I tell them in the car, until we reach the school  every year, the same story endsContinue reading “Festival of Dashain. A poem by Saraswoti Lamichhane”

Poetry by Saraswoti Lamichhane

good-bye home town above the rich crops of the valley paddy, maize, millet, green, greener, grey I fly away from my center, to the edge, farther and farther away silence brings me back to my senses my laughter-lit Cindrella hours are over the hills that guard the valley fade dim soon they soften my memoriesContinue reading “Poetry by Saraswoti Lamichhane”