WordCity Literary Journal. September 2020 Issue 1

Letter from the Editor: Darcie Friesen Hossack I wrote a letter from the editor for this, our first issue of WordCity Monthly. I wrote about the pandemic, and how governments were using it as cover to defund and commit aggression against the arts. I wrote about how writers and poets have responded by creating more,Continue reading “WordCity Literary Journal. September 2020 Issue 1”

WordCity Literary Journal. 100 Thousand Poets for Change

Table of Contents Letter From the Editor. Darcie Friesen Hossack Welcome to WordCity Literary Journal’s September 2021 issue. For this month’s theme, we joined the 100 Thousand Poets for Change movement, and sought works to shine light into dark places. As ever, more brilliant writers and poets than we ever expect, came together with theirContinue reading “WordCity Literary Journal. 100 Thousand Poets for Change”

WordCity Literary Journal. July 2021

Table of Contents Letter from the Editor, Darcie Friesen Hossack Welcome to WordCity Literary Journal’s July 2021 issue. For this collection, while we accepted works that address many different themes, we also expanded on one that was brought forward by our fiction editor, Sylvia Petter. Sylvia noted that 2021 marks only 50 years since WomenContinue reading “WordCity Literary Journal. July 2021”

A Focus on Fiction by Sylvia Petter

In the beginning was the story ….it´s always the story. This fiction issue has long and shorter stories about persons who don´t necessarily fit the expected mould. In Mitchell Toews’ “The Log Boom”, a father and son deliberate on how to inform émigré Dutch grandfather of his grandson´s coming out. Gerald Shephard´s “The Silent Imagination”Continue reading “A Focus on Fiction by Sylvia Petter”