WordCity Literary Journal. 100 Thousand Poets for Change

Table of Contents Letter From the Editor. Darcie Friesen Hossack Welcome to WordCity Literary Journal’s September 2021 issue. For this month’s theme, we joined the 100 Thousand Poets for Change movement, and sought works to shine light into dark places. As ever, more brilliant writers and poets than we ever expect, came together with theirContinue reading “WordCity Literary Journal. 100 Thousand Poets for Change”

Spoken Word: Writing Advice with Sue Burge

  LITERARY ADVICE – JOIN THE OPEN MIC/SPOKEN WORD SCENE AND IMPROVE YOUR WORDPOWER   I’ve been reading my poems at open mic events for around seven years.  It didn’t come easily at all.  I was somewhat taken aback as in my day job I could get up and lecture over two-hundred students on theContinue reading “Spoken Word: Writing Advice with Sue Burge”

Richard Lambert: Literary Spotlight with Sue Burge

WORD CITY LITERARY JOURNAL – LITERARY SPOTLIGHT SEPTEMBER 2021 When I was a schoolchild I wrote short stories and always had an embryonic novel on the go but when I started writing seriously it was poetry which drew me into its web of words.  I’ve always wondered what it would be like to go backContinue reading “Richard Lambert: Literary Spotlight with Sue Burge”

WordCity Literary Journal. July 2021

Table of Contents Letter from the Editor, Darcie Friesen Hossack Welcome to WordCity Literary Journal’s July 2021 issue. For this collection, while we accepted works that address many different themes, we also expanded on one that was brought forward by our fiction editor, Sylvia Petter. Sylvia noted that 2021 marks only 50 years since WomenContinue reading “WordCity Literary Journal. July 2021”

Writing Advice with Sue Burge. Mslexia

Many of the pieces in this month’s issue of WordCity are reflections on Women’s Rights.  My advice this month is to write beyond your comfort zone, and I have a suggestion for you of how female writers can find the encouragement to do this within the pages of one innovative and highly regarded writing magazine,Continue reading “Writing Advice with Sue Burge. Mslexia”

Literary Spotlight with Sue Burge. Dead [Women] Poets Society

Dead [Women] Poets Society (D[W]PS) is a collective which began in 2015.  Its aim is to resurrect women poets of the past, both in live events (séances) and online and also to raise awareness of women’s wide-ranging and profound literary heritage, and open up conversations between living writers and these often forgotten and side-lined women.Continue reading “Literary Spotlight with Sue Burge. Dead [Women] Poets Society”

Literary Spotlight. Sue Burge with Raine Geoghan

KEEPING TRADITION ALIVE This month I’m delighted to catch up with a fellow writer with Hedgehog Poetry Press, Raine Geoghan.  Raine is a fascinating writer from a rich tradition of storytellers and makars.  She is very conscious of her Romani heritage and in the current climate it feels more important than ever to keep allContinue reading “Literary Spotlight. Sue Burge with Raine Geoghan”

Writing Advice. Sue Burge with Jenny Pagdin

WRITING ADVICE This month I invited poet Jenny Pagdin to give advice to writers on how to protect their wellbeing when writing about trauma.  I was bowled over by Jenny’s words in this sensitive, generous and searingly honest article. In the snow globe of trauma   When my son was newborn, I was hit betweenContinue reading “Writing Advice. Sue Burge with Jenny Pagdin”