Alla Gutnikova’s Speech from Court

Alla Gutnikova and three other editors of the student magazine DOXA were tried in court in Moscow on Friday 8th April and on 12th April were sentenced two years of ‘correctional labour’ and a 3-year ban on administering any websites. It is as yet unclear what correctional labour entails – they may have to liveContinue reading “Alla Gutnikova’s Speech from Court”

Platinum City. A poem in translation, by Hongri Yuan

Platinum City By Chinese Poet Hongri Yuan Translated by Manu Mangattu Assistant Professor, Department of English St George College Aruvithura, India Ah! Of iridescent gems of time The heavenly road you paved light! In a kingdom of stars, I found my home. In the golden cities, I opened the gates of the cityContinue reading “Platinum City. A poem in translation, by Hongri Yuan”