Still Life. A story by Irena Karafilly

STILL LIFE The obstetrician looked menacing. He looked like a shark, with his small eyes and wide mouth, and all those teeth when he opened his mouth to speak. He had given up trying to breathe life into her child, and was now leaning over her under the blinding lights. For a moment, nothing came outContinue reading “Still Life. A story by Irena Karafilly”

Prayers for Aisha Lulu. A review by Darcie Friesen Hossack

  Prayers for Aisha Lulu As I write, tensions and violence are once again escalating between Israel and Gaza. People are dying. Hatred is rising. And caught in the middle are the children. This conflict, for all the years and decades of its existence, is the reason for Prayers for Aisha Lulu, an anthology ofContinue reading “Prayers for Aisha Lulu. A review by Darcie Friesen Hossack”

WordCity Literary Journal Expands into its Second Home!

Beginning in May 2021, WordCity will take up residence in this new, dedicated space. We are still part of the Time of the Poet Republic, in partnership with UNESCO-Rila affiliate poet, Mbizo Chirasha. Here, we will continue to bring together a global community of readers and writers, collecting and compiling the exceptional content you’ve comeContinue reading “WordCity Literary Journal Expands into its Second Home!”