Another thing about a war. a poem by Nina Kossman

Another thing about a war Another thing about a war (besides the thing we all know, the one about killing) is that, once it begins, you have no right to talk about small things, such as koalas, trees, melting ice, poems, and paintings, which, when you think about it, are worth talking about more thanContinue reading “Another thing about a war. a poem by Nina Kossman”

3 essays by Nina Kossman

WRITING PLAYS AND POEMS WHICH NO ONE NEEDS I had a student who fell totally in love with me or, rather, not so much with me as with what I had my students do during those fifty minutes they spent in my class. Usually, we would read a short play, each student playing the characterContinue reading “3 essays by Nina Kossman”

The Hasmonean Chronicle. Fiction by Nina Kossman

The Hasmonean Chronicle Chapter One Judah, son of Mattathias, entered Jerusalem limping. He didn’t think a severed toe was a big sacrifice, considering the might of the Seleucid army and all those finely sharpened swords that outnumbered both swords and men in his own army. There was the further disadvantage of his men refusing toContinue reading “The Hasmonean Chronicle. Fiction by Nina Kossman”

Poetry by Nina Kossman

Poem Written During Australian Bushfires Treasure of the world, little animal boy, you and you and you, lone survivors, wombats and kangaroos, my love for you is so huge, let it revive you, let it give you rain, let it give you green leaves, thriving eucalyptus trees galore! Singed koalas and wallabies; although I rarelyContinue reading “Poetry by Nina Kossman”

Doll. Mother’s Love. By Nina Kossman

DOLL “Mama,” said Jemina. “Look, Mama.” “What is it, Baby?” “The doll, Mama.” “The doll? What happened to the doll? Ah, its head. You’ve broken off the doll’s head.” “Mama, I didn’t. It fell off by itself. I picked it up and it was like this already.” “It’s okay, Baby. I’m not blaming you.” “ButContinue reading “Doll. Mother’s Love. By Nina Kossman”