Literary Spotlight and Writing Advice with Sue Burge

In this month’s literary spotlight I’m very excited to chat to Jennifer Wong.  Jennifer was born and grew up in Hong Kong and is now living in the UK.  She’s a writer, translator and educator with an MA in creative writing from the University of East Anglia as well as a PhD in creative writingContinue reading “Literary Spotlight and Writing Advice with Sue Burge”

Between Stolen Glances. A book review by Prof Rahman Shaari

SPECIALISED STYLES OF SITI RUQAIYAH HASHIM An effective poem is a poem that drives readers to see or figure out things from different angles. This condition is a definition of a poem, which is foreign and different from familiar ones. This definition, in addition to stating the secrecy aspect, is rarely mentioned in poetry discussions.Continue reading “Between Stolen Glances. A book review by Prof Rahman Shaari”

Two book-related essays. By Gordon Phinn

Two book-related essays by Gordon Phinn from his recently published book It’s All About Me: How Criticism Mirrors The Self BOOK: Another Day Of Life by Ryszard Kapuskinski The day I began to compose myself in order to write this review, the author’s introduction reminded me that the war in Angola has been grinding onContinue reading “Two book-related essays. By Gordon Phinn”

Who Will Save Batman? Non-fiction by Katia Kapovich

Who Will Save Batman? (Translated from the Russian by Philip Nikolayev) There is a yard in Cambridge bordered by a brick hospital wall, a side street, and a large parking lot. It lies adjacent to Somerville, but there is nothing symbolic about this fact, since the two towns are barely distinguishable. The green street signsContinue reading “Who Will Save Batman? Non-fiction by Katia Kapovich”

Rewilding. Non-fiction by Luanne Armstrong

Rewilding This spring I walked across the bottom field of my farm, crunching my way through the tall canary grass that had formed grey-green mats over the field, and   reaching for the light, baby fir trees, barely sprung from the wet ground. Land everywhere records its history and then buries it. Buildings buckle and fallContinue reading “Rewilding. Non-fiction by Luanne Armstrong”

Trotsky in the Amazon. Fiction by Nick Gerrard

Trotsky in the Amazon We had never been religious in our family, well there was one Uncle and Aunt who we hated visiting as they always dragged us along to Sunday school meetings. But I didn’t mind that in the end as I got off with Julie Clarke, the best looking girl; and she wasn’tContinue reading “Trotsky in the Amazon. Fiction by Nick Gerrard”

Eight Pointed Cross. A novel excerpt by Marthese Fenech

An excerpt from Eight Pointed Cross – a Novel of the Knights of Malta, the first in Fenech’s Siege of Malta Trilogy. Angelica pins a freshly washed blanket to the line, smiling at Katrina’s lively description of the sword Augustine gave Domenicus last night. Angelica just doesn’t know what to make of this girl. “It’sContinue reading “Eight Pointed Cross. A novel excerpt by Marthese Fenech”

Lotus Flower. Fiction by Kelly Kaur

Lotus Flower         My high-pitched wails permeated the humid, grey-walled hospital room. Loud, angry protests of being rudely thrust into the crap of life. My mother shed bitter tears of regret. Not the coveted son my father wanted. A second daughter. A woman who could only deliver girl children. Useless. My mother gazed indifferentlyContinue reading “Lotus Flower. Fiction by Kelly Kaur”

The Owl On My Shoulder. Fiction by Vineetha Mokkil

The Owl On My Shoulder (First Published in Jellyfish Review) “The owl on my shoulder is my father,” I tell people at work on Monday morning. “He has taken this form to escape his adversaries.” I get incredulous stares and eyerolls from the doubters. They stay away from me all day as if I haveContinue reading “The Owl On My Shoulder. Fiction by Vineetha Mokkil”

3 Flash Fictions by Catalina Florescu

Three Situations, One Narrator   Situation One: Two Sisters Discuss the 7th Commandment “She said she wanted to get married.” “Who said that?” “Mother.” “But she is married.” “I know that.” “Is she having an episode or what?” “An episode of what? She does not have episodes.” “How about last month when she said ‘theyContinue reading “3 Flash Fictions by Catalina Florescu”