3 Poems by Chad Norman

HOW TO KNOW A SINGLE TREE   After entering a small parental forest for some reason I see an Australian desert and hear a story about a woman who sought the shade of a single tree.   I don’t know if she found it.   Inside the actions of Autumn leaves choosing their colours, choicesContinue reading “3 Poems by Chad Norman”

Not-Long Distance. A poem by Jaclyn Griffith

Not-Long Distance   It’s easier to love you on paper where everything is polished up planned ahead Where every word walks  from your hands to my eyes and looks a lot like sunset Looks a lot like a garden Looks a lot like me   In person not so much In person we are messyContinue reading “Not-Long Distance. A poem by Jaclyn Griffith”

What I Want. An ekphrastic poem by Dawn Promislow

“Mobile garden dress” by Nicole Dextras, as seen in installation at Todmorden Mills, Toronto, July 2014. What I want   What i want to know is, yellow lady, light midsummer light yes you, yellow-skirt dandelion, lionness potted pothead on Pottery Road potting pots   potting about lady skirting there   yes, you   mellow yellow-dappledContinue reading “What I Want. An ekphrastic poem by Dawn Promislow”

3 Poems by Juan Chemes

Wishful Wishing   Tell me something I don’t know, that the mirror has three faces, if not more. Or that easy does not necessarily does it.  It does not!   That the good outweighs the bad, perhaps, for all we know.   Tell me again, if you’ve learned that your thoughts are worth more than a cent, that toContinue reading “3 Poems by Juan Chemes”

2 Poems by Denise O’Hagan

Charlie   Every hospital has a Charlie Someone who’s slipped through society’s cracks And sits obstinately on the outside A grit in the eye of every passerby And a reproof to government healthcare.   He was sitting there today By the thick glass sliding doors A great raw trunk of a man Marooned in hisContinue reading “2 Poems by Denise O’Hagan”

3 Poems by Mansour Noorbakhsh

Jan. 8th (To 167 passengers and 9 crews perished in flight 752 Tehran on 8th of January 2020)   And still I am waiting for something to happen somewhere without knowing what and how.   One year has passed since the downing of Flight PS752, and still cruel politicians are spending millions to protect themselvesContinue reading “3 Poems by Mansour Noorbakhsh”

3 Poems by John Casquarelli

he Sign on the Dead End Road Says Reunion   “The illusion of detachment,” a chronicler once said, hand leaning on sequoia, looking up as if all history was born from its branches. I held my breath briefly, cleared my throat, crystallized that moment, took pleasure in the voice that refused to sing with anContinue reading “3 Poems by John Casquarelli”

3 poems by Iskra Peneva

Leaving   I hid all the sorrows of the world In myself   My cry is not enough To reconcile An unbearable burden   The silence is perfect The lightening over the lake Is a butterfly’s blink The essence that explains The creation of the night and day In which the sky and the rainContinue reading “3 poems by Iskra Peneva”

2 poems by Rafael Mendes

Sunday morning roof tiles softened by the cold white skin   a young dark brown robin spins its neck — seeking a route to flee   fabric softener’s warmth and breath crossing the bordering wall   two women chatting topics that I only speculate   a child mumbling in the distance phrases without structure  Continue reading “2 poems by Rafael Mendes”