3 Poems by Patrick Connors

Hemispheres   My introvert side is glad to actually have a rest: Breathes, exhales slowly, sinks into his chair.   He sets priorities, contemplates, makes plans yet accepts the folly of making plans – releases all to its fulfillment.   My extrovert side wants to eat sushi, drink draught beer experience the world beyond hisContinue reading “3 Poems by Patrick Connors”

5 Poems by Sabahudin Hadžialić

BLUES FOR MY EX-COUNTRY/HOMELAND   I had a country. They took it away. They did not ask for permission. The very same people who now want to establish customs zones, introduce joint parliament sitting and start to exchange war criminals. The very same THEY who caused the trouble in the first place. … I canContinue reading “5 Poems by Sabahudin Hadžialić”

A poem by Luanne Armstrong

I went outside after the rain, into the late afternoon sun. The robins hallooed hosannas from the cherry tree and the iris stuck up their razored snouts and hollered and two new daffodils, split open into the sun stretched themselves and the light came up, from over the edge of fat purple-blue clouds and litContinue reading “A poem by Luanne Armstrong”

The Shipbuilder and his Daughter. A poem by Lorraine Gibson

The Shipbuilder and his Daughter His blood froze in a Scottish winter. His daughter danced unknowing in a land of southern summers. Alone in his chair, Buttons the cat   stretched out along his thigh, it’s said he did not feel that mighty brain tide pound its damage. Her ‘Hi Dad’ phone-call rings unanswered inContinue reading “The Shipbuilder and his Daughter. A poem by Lorraine Gibson”

Bless Us Lord for the Sin-Free Life We Are Living. A poem by Megha Sood

Bless Us Lord for the Sin-Free Life We Are Living First Published in “Lift Your Voice”, Kissing Dynamite, Oct 2019   I stare with my gaping mouth mock and revere at this whimsical reality eyes rolling in disbelief head bowed in silence knees scraping at the pew to absolve my sins   We only bowContinue reading “Bless Us Lord for the Sin-Free Life We Are Living. A poem by Megha Sood”

Sue Burge Introduces Hazel Press

This month I managed to pin down the trailblazing energy of Daphne Astor. Daphne, you did something extraordinary in 2020!  You set up a new independent publishing press, Hazel Press. This seems such a brave thing to do in the middle of a pandemic with the world locking down around us.  I know you areContinue reading “Sue Burge Introduces Hazel Press”

Ava Homa Speaks to Sue Burge about The Why of Writing

This month’s writing advice is a little different.  Ava Homa’s brilliant, insightful and disturbing novel “Daughters of Smoke and Fire” is a must-read.  I found it unbearably moving and thought-provoking.  I read it in small snatches, breathing and pacing in between my readings, drawn back, compulsively to the next chapter and the next and theContinue reading “Ava Homa Speaks to Sue Burge about The Why of Writing”

WordCity Book Reviews

Two Reviews by Tina S. Beier This novel is wonderful. It has the perfect blend of historical detail, emotional depth, and action/intrigue. The novel is set in the mid-1500s, on the island of Malta, during military aggression between the Ottoman Empire and the Knights of St John. The story features some battle scenes but mainlyContinue reading “WordCity Book Reviews”

Leonard Cohen and Robert Fulford. An Essay by Gordon Phinn

Leonard Cohen and Robert Fulford Leonard Cohen, Untold Stories: The Early Years by Michael Posner (Simon&Shuster, 2020) Matters Of Vital Interest: A Forty-Year Friendship with Leonard Cohen  by Eric Lerner (DaCapo Press 2018) Leonard Cohen: A Woodcut Biography by George A. Walker (Firefly Books 2020) A Life In Paragraphs: Essays by Robert Fulford (Optimum PublishingContinue reading “Leonard Cohen and Robert Fulford. An Essay by Gordon Phinn”