2 poems by I.B. Iskov

Nocturnal Inspiration White light spires glow in magnificence from one small candle.   Flickers of fallout land on my lap while writing a brand new poem in brilliant quietness.   One fanciful flame keeps me wakeful between the fire and the flash, between nightfall and morning.         The Trucker on the 401Continue reading “2 poems by I.B. Iskov”

The Word. A poem by Christopher Galano

The Word   za Anu   I met a man who sang of lilies down-spiralling on a bier garden— who sang of ivory petals alighting ashen corpses and red dust— who sang of dancers kicking up red dust into the atmosphere— who sang of dancers banging glasses, splashing drinks on ashen corpses— who sang ofContinue reading “The Word. A poem by Christopher Galano”

3 poems by Zdravko Odorcic

THE SCENT OF HOLOCAUST   For a long time I have been digging the hardness of the ground  With my nails I touch the paleness of the skin unknown  Wondering how they are my unmoving neighbours Coldly rigid laying or curvely dead        I don’t know where you arrived from  and when the death touched youContinue reading “3 poems by Zdravko Odorcic”

2 poems by Sevda Akyuz

notes towards an operation                                                                                                                  let my solitude see me off a woman’s voice in the next room hard as it may seem                       I celebrate life in a blue room awaiting laparatomy                      ‘cos there is a big lump in my belly like a watermelon                  said an orderly elated andContinue reading “2 poems by Sevda Akyuz”

3 poems by Andreea Iulia Scridon

Tristiana   June today, and June’s days blossom one by one, as does the rose’s miraculous swirl, and its shame, and so do cruel amoebas and enchanted beetles, and thoughts of every crazy kind, it seems we model summer’s days from wet clay.   It seems that my mother, Cristiana, my mother, Tristia, is alreadyContinue reading “3 poems by Andreea Iulia Scridon”

Literary Spotlight and Writing Advice: Sue Burge with Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese

Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese. Photo by Peter Leese Translanguaging: A conversation with Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese      This month I’m really excited to have the opportunity to talk to Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese, who is a multilingual poet, literary translator, editor, cognitive linguist, scholar, artist, and so much more! Elżbieta combines her experience of living and working with/in languages with aContinue reading “Literary Spotlight and Writing Advice: Sue Burge with Elżbieta Wójcik-Leese”

Stephen’s Landing. A review by Andreea Iulia Scridon

Stephen’s Landing by Gregory Vincent St. Thomasino, Adelaide Books, November 2020 Stephen’s Landing is a postmodern Bildungsroman, a complex fresco of cinematic positives and negatives, of multiple planes and universes, as the title itself suggests, for a neoromantic cosmic trope, characterized by a mix of enigma and possibility, weaves its way in and out ofContinue reading “Stephen’s Landing. A review by Andreea Iulia Scridon”

An Interview with Marc di Saverio. By Olga Stein

OStein: Marc, I’ve been attempting to do an interview with you for several months now. At first I thought we’d publish the interview in our November issue, which was themed around disability. Then I hoped to run an interview in the December issue, which highlighted religious holidays; I thought to myself—how appropriate, given the eponymousContinue reading “An Interview with Marc di Saverio. By Olga Stein”