A Ray Of Hope. A poem by Fagbemi Jesulayomi Abigail

A Ray Of Hope What a glimmering gloomy day! Full of fiery fears and hopelessness_ Will it ever get better? ‘Cause it doesn’t seem like it. It seems to look the same_ Same obscurity everyday, With not a ray of light– To brighten my day. Days are meant to be bright_ Why the gloom? IContinue reading “A Ray Of Hope. A poem by Fagbemi Jesulayomi Abigail”

3 Poems by Ken Cathers

harvest   she is planting the dead birds in the back garden   imagines delicate plumed stems sprout in moist soil.   there is a place below where bones reknit, grow flesh   become the small buds of unhatched warblers. it is a cosmology   made up, a child’s mystery emblazed with wonder.   IContinue reading “3 Poems by Ken Cathers”

2 Poems by Mansour Noorbakhsh

Meet After: Requiem by Anna Akhmatova I will never forget you I cannot although I know you will not come back, and I will not see you again.   Where did you die? I don’t know. Hanged up in a prison or killed in a war?   I never believed the news that said youContinue reading “2 Poems by Mansour Noorbakhsh”

2 Poems by Bernard Gabriel Okurut

A bird in exile   Here I am lonely bird, Flying from tree to tree With no place to call my own. Here I am lonely star shining on A moonless night.   Here I am-dead river, Flowing without end Carrying nothing but dead remains! Hear I stand,  Hopelessly in the middle of nowhere. AmContinue reading “2 Poems by Bernard Gabriel Okurut”

Love is in the air. A poem by Josephine LoRe

Love is in the air     and I say love with cheese…   gruyère and emmenthal   brie, parmeggiano     crocks for the oven, red and gray   a bag of onions and bay leaves plucked  from nanna’s garden last summer  a half-baked baguette   and chicken stock & thyme     andContinue reading “Love is in the air. A poem by Josephine LoRe”

2 Poems by Patrick Williamson

Three rivers Even the three rivers the winds, the currents which bring better or worse, even as the filter of my tongue presents a different palette love remains the same when we speak of broad rivers misery, silence, speech the ocean rises up to you, in you this is what I can give, this toContinue reading “2 Poems by Patrick Williamson”

Sonnet about the fallen moon and morning star. A poem by Paweł Markiewicz

Sonnet about the fallen moon and morning star Heavenly sailorling spy out the wan light-sheen of star. Baffling unearthly time: weird having just thieved by elves. One of pale mornings longs for some meek fulfillment of night. Moony and nostalgic chums – comets are upon the skies. Lonely dreamery – lying just blink-sea, weird above.Continue reading “Sonnet about the fallen moon and morning star. A poem by Paweł Markiewicz”

Writer’s Block. A poem by Marthese Fenech

Writer’s Block   Tea leaves scattered, jasmine across the table The scent of plumeria swirling An open notebook Empty A glint of sunlight A blank page Old scars bleeding Return to Journal Marthese Fenech is the bestselling author of historical novels, Eight Pointed Cross and Falcon’s Shadow, set in sixteenth-century Malta and Istanbul. Most people callContinue reading “Writer’s Block. A poem by Marthese Fenech”

Rickety chair. A poem by Bhuwan Thapaliya

Rickety chair   Every morning my father stands on one foot, arms raised in Surya Namaskar above his head offering prayers to a solar deity, fully absorbed within himself for half an hour in the rooftop, and then sits down in a rickety chair  nearby his desultory guest, an amiable serene cat and smiles lookingContinue reading “Rickety chair. A poem by Bhuwan Thapaliya”