Wreck Beach. A memoir and poem by Patricia Paterson

‘Kitsilano Beach’ by Ralph Temple, 11 1/2 X 19″ http://www. ralphtempleart.com Wreck Beach Vibe  “The real threat here is not nudity. It’s people.” Vancouver Rudy’s Instagram photo of the weathered driftwood poles on the sand got 12 ‘Likes’. It was a pinkish-grey sunset shot of Wreck Beach, in Vancouver—the kind of photo that makes you wantContinue reading “Wreck Beach. A memoir and poem by Patricia Paterson”

We didn’t read the news. A prose poem by Neil McCarthy

We didn’t read the news I was at my usual booth, half a cold cappuccino  in front of me, my daughter crawling over my lap in an attempt to crayon the paper I was reading. The man at the table across the floor looked like the  prison warden from The Shawshank Redemption. Whatshisface. I’d seen him in a few things recently. He smiled. StaredContinue reading “We didn’t read the news. A prose poem by Neil McCarthy”

The Lido. Fiction by Alex Keegan

The Lido My father, and my mother took us to the Lido: a yellow bus to Caerleon, then a walk, down a dirty, too-tight lane. Keep in, Ronnie! I don’t remember my sisters, perhaps they were paddling, but I, I was a boy and dad insisted. The other pool! The other pool, huge and deep, insistent,Continue reading “The Lido. Fiction by Alex Keegan”

Surfacing. Prose poems by Susan Tiberghien

Star Chair A first photo shows him six months old, sitting in a small straw chair. A second photo show him one year old, upright, holding on to the back of the same straw chair. He’s now two years old. We’re waiting at the airport. When we try to stand him on his own, heContinue reading “Surfacing. Prose poems by Susan Tiberghien”

Daughters of Smoke and Fire. A novel excerpt by Ava Homa

Daughters of Smoke and Fire (courtesy of HarperCollins) Chapter 14 When his grandpa drew a yogurt mustache above Alan’s lips, the boy dissolved into giggles. Picturing himself with real whiskers thrilled Alan, who thought that facial hair might make up for being shorter than the other boys in his class. “Your laughter woke me up,Continue reading “Daughters of Smoke and Fire. A novel excerpt by Ava Homa”

Adnan Mahmutović in conversation with Jane SpokenWord

In this month’s podcast we introduce you to Adnan Mahmutović, a Bosnian-Swedish teacher, writer, and editor, who has written extensively on war, refugees, and immigrant experiences. Adnan became a refugee of in 1993 and landed in Sweden. He worked for a decade with people with brain damage while studying English and philosophy. He has PhDContinue reading “Adnan Mahmutović in conversation with Jane SpokenWord”

WordCity Literary Journal. February 2021. Issue 6

Letter from the Editor, Darcie Friesen Hossack Just on the other side of the window from where I write, it is cold. Here in the early half of February, in what’s considered a northern part of Canada, even though there’s more of the country above than below, it reached minus 38 degrees Celsius overnight, andContinue reading “WordCity Literary Journal. February 2021. Issue 6”

A Ray Of Hope. A poem by Fagbemi Jesulayomi Abigail

A Ray Of Hope What a glimmering gloomy day! Full of fiery fears and hopelessness_ Will it ever get better? ‘Cause it doesn’t seem like it. It seems to look the same_ Same obscurity everyday, With not a ray of light– To brighten my day. Days are meant to be bright_ Why the gloom? IContinue reading “A Ray Of Hope. A poem by Fagbemi Jesulayomi Abigail”

3 Poems by Ken Cathers

harvest   she is planting the dead birds in the back garden   imagines delicate plumed stems sprout in moist soil.   there is a place below where bones reknit, grow flesh   become the small buds of unhatched warblers. it is a cosmology   made up, a child’s mystery emblazed with wonder.   IContinue reading “3 Poems by Ken Cathers”

2 Poems by Mansour Noorbakhsh

Meet After: Requiem by Anna Akhmatova I will never forget you I cannot although I know you will not come back, and I will not see you again.   Where did you die? I don’t know. Hanged up in a prison or killed in a war?   I never believed the news that said youContinue reading “2 Poems by Mansour Noorbakhsh”