3 poems for Ukraine. by Adrienne Stevenson

Sisters, 1906 inspired by the painting “Carousel”, by Olexandr Murashko (Ukraine) 1906 the day before our trip to Odesa that day of endings and beginnings my sister and I went to the fair dressed in our best shawls long skirts flowing over backs of wooden steeds, the carousel would remain when we had left butContinue reading “3 poems for Ukraine. by Adrienne Stevenson”

Pollinators. Integument. Poems by Adrienne Stevenson

Pollinators there’s widespread interest in my flowerbed as long summer days unfold black and yellow swallowtails hover around dill orange and black monarchs embrace milkweed their respective caterpillars munch and move on to chrysalise and metamorphose while pullulating swarms of bees teem around calendula and zinnia dive into welcoming mouths of aubergine and courgette blossomContinue reading “Pollinators. Integument. Poems by Adrienne Stevenson”