A Modest Proposal. Satire by Anne Sorbie

A MODEST PROPOSAL For Sending Alberta Children Back To School Since there is a growing number of COVID-19 cases among the province’s school-age population, our proposal suggests closing schools immediately and forming a test group to better determine and predict future rates of infection. First, we highly recommend engaging in the test group, the childrenContinue reading “A Modest Proposal. Satire by Anne Sorbie”

The Day After the Day of Mother Love. A poem by Anne Sorbie

The Day After the Day of Mother Love Your knife digs in to the bleat of cheese I add to the morning bread Soft as a prayer revering love the day after the day of mother love The ceramic jug you filled with milk I use for water and your name sings on my daughter’sContinue reading “The Day After the Day of Mother Love. A poem by Anne Sorbie”

Letter(s) from the Editor(s). Mothering Issue

Letter(s) from the Editor(s):Darcie Friesen Hossackwith guest editors Anne Sorbie and Heidi Grogan   Dear Readers, This month is special for a number of reasons. Spring has finally arrived in the Northern Rockies climate I call home. It is also the month of Mothering, or Mother’s Day, in certain parts of the world. And now,Continue reading “Letter(s) from the Editor(s). Mothering Issue”