3 poems by Emily Hockaday

Household Mirages In an alternate universe, we painted this wall yellow— goldenrod like a kitchen should be. I see our shadows cross entryways and hover over the wall by the stove. Your hands were the setting sun, bringing down the hanging plants for thirst. In another universe, the two-bedroom is a three-bedroom, or only aContinue reading “3 poems by Emily Hockaday”

3 poems by Patrick Connors

Virus We are all having the same nightmare, overcome by an invisible, relentless enemy completely unable to protect ourselves. People are dying by the dozens doing the work, we take for granted. Undervalued, often underpaid labour suddenly something we can’t live without. People are dying alone in soiled beds made up of despair. They lieContinue reading “3 poems by Patrick Connors”

3 poems by Sally Quon

Rough Living He’s been “rough living” as they call it. Skin over bones, frost-bitten hands. “How’re the kids?” he asks, like it matters now. “They’ve got me quarantined, top of the shelter. Might have the virus. Might not.” The words blur; rearrange themselves. “You shouldn’t have left. I’m going to die and it’s your fault.”Continue reading “3 poems by Sally Quon”

Abuelita. a poem by Juanita Rey

Abuelita There was never a television in her house. Just an old radio that ran off a battery. She was always averse to plugging things in. La sala was lined with photographs in descending order, from her stern mother and father, to one of her wedding day, down to my sister and myself. With everyContinue reading “Abuelita. a poem by Juanita Rey”

Gather. a poem by Michele Rule

Gather Two long years. Covid still dictates where we can gather and when, how many and who. I don’t begrudge that. I march forward with the majority. I don’t heed the call of the convoy to disobey. I’m just tired, worn out, weary of Zoom meetings, cancelled trips, social distancing. Missed moments we’ll never getContinue reading “Gather. a poem by Michele Rule”

Pandemic Haikus by Anjum Wasim Dar

a whatsapp birthday, virtual cake, no hugs, gifts, sad joy, safe distance. Love true, spirits one, socially distanced, then Covid matters not. Social distance, washing hands, fast becoming new law, of all lands. Return to Journal Anjum Wasim Dar is a Kashmir, Migrant Pakistani. Educated at St Anne’s Presentation Convent Rawalpindi. MA in English LiteratureContinue reading “Pandemic Haikus by Anjum Wasim Dar”

3 poems by Eva Tihanyi

THE NEW NORMAL We used to wish for adventure nights, wild urban neon, rebel tales told in vodka language, beer songs spilling from summer windows. Now we long for safe country sleep. But still. There is simmering and fierce desire. I’m in slow boil, my heart a rogue’s apothecary of forbidden medicine. Just wait, theContinue reading “3 poems by Eva Tihanyi”

adagietto. a poem by Sorin Smărăndescu. translated by Iulia Stoichit

adagietto breathe this cheap reproduction hanged on the wall Venetian map for the straightening of the surrounding house I am breathe stick your closed eye to the window my isolated smell of raw printed sheet count the wood splinters from inside out I am breathe three four legato one the string of water weaves twoContinue reading “adagietto. a poem by Sorin Smărăndescu. translated by Iulia Stoichit”

Vile Bug. a poem by Musa Aruna Chemnchu

VILE BUG A virus from the subcontinent, well populated, transformed all other regions into sub regions. Of course, it suits the apocalyptic prophesies, and does it all, to undermine forewarnings. It sole course is the new order. It targets figures to look impetuous. But the upcoming must not undermine its rage. It does not spareContinue reading “Vile Bug. a poem by Musa Aruna Chemnchu”

A truck is not a speech. a poem by Bob Rae

  A truck is not a speech. A horn is not a voice. An occupation is not a protest. A blockade is not freedom, it blocks the liberty for all. A demand to overthrow a government is not a dialogue. The expression of hatred is not a difference of opinion. A lie is not theContinue reading “A truck is not a speech. a poem by Bob Rae”