Call for Mss. WordCity Literary Journal’s March 2022 Issue

It’s been two years now since Covid-19 circumvented the Globe. Two years of mitigations. Two years of sickness and loss. Two years of missing family, friends and the life events that bind us together. It’s also been two years of science denial. Of the continued rise of conspiracy theories and theorists. Two years of protestsContinue reading “Call for Mss. WordCity Literary Journal’s March 2022 Issue”

Poetry by Diana Manole

Bliss Molecules To COVID-19 Survivors The smell of water, fresh water, seawater, dead water, marshes and streams, water carrying her away— folded, squished rocked on the tides of a second Noah’s flood come true, no ark in sight, no piece of timber randomly afloat, all expectations lowered to the basics “Lower her!” “Turn her!” “HoldContinue reading “Poetry by Diana Manole”

Poetry by Heidi Greco

Flyer We were grumbling again about the long isolation loud enough to trade complaints with the tenant next door, her stamp- size balcony butting up to ours, neighbourly enough, in the realm of concrete condos  high above the world on the 21st floor  (privileged as we know we are), the ocean merely blocks away, ourContinue reading “Poetry by Heidi Greco”