The Bell War. fiction by D-L Nelson

THE BELL WAR TWO SCREECHING CATS slice the late morning silence. They circle each other, backs hunched. Chickens scatter to safer pecking grounds. A priest approaches. Sunlight on his black robe bastes his body. His sandaled feet kick up dust as he rushes past the beige stucco house with faded blue wooden shutters. They open.Continue reading “The Bell War. fiction by D-L Nelson”

Coat Hangers and Knitting Needles. By D-L Nelson

Coat Hangers and Knitting Needles from Darcie Friesen Hossack, Managing Editor, WordCity Monthly: On my desk is a copy of D-L Nelson’s coat hangers & knitting needles, Tragedies of Abortion in America Before Roe v. Wade. The book is heavy for its size—not for the weight of its bindings—and has been accompanying me from roomContinue reading “Coat Hangers and Knitting Needles. By D-L Nelson”