2 poems by Debra Black

a bad case of the asymmetrical blues or how to survive a pandemic a cracking, thrumming, vibrating, anxious heart beating, rising, throttling, digging deeper into paranoia, drifting into illness, echoes around the world. body counts, pieces of humanity strewn across the sky, hidden in the Duomo tattered and weary, the end of the world. theContinue reading “2 poems by Debra Black”

2 Poems by Debra Black

an incalculable loss   grief tumbles out of me like water spiraling, bubbling, weaving, washing over pebbles in a river bed, eroding the land and me until all that is left are enervated neurons lost in a dance of discomfort, a dance with the dead — who are never really gone, nor never really here.Continue reading “2 Poems by Debra Black”

The Autumnal Series. Poems by Debra Black

The Autumnal Series #1 ten thousand joys and sorrows, a single silver leaf under the paperly sky. beloved, befriended, then gone, gone, gone. #2 ten thousand sorrows and joys, the slatish grey moon, the silvery dusk settles in, my heart leaps into emptiness, beingness, the suchness of such. beloved, befriended, then gone, gone, gone. #3Continue reading “The Autumnal Series. Poems by Debra Black”