Paranoid Musings in the Land of the Lotus Eaters. Memoir by Irena Karafilly

PARANOID MUSINGS IN THE LAND OF THE LOTUS EATERS To begin with, a word of advice: If you’re thinking of travelling to North Africa, do not read Paul Bowles! I knew nothing about the Tunisian island of Djerba, except its being a mecca for European sun worshippers. It was February and I needed rest and sunshine.  I madeContinue reading “Paranoid Musings in the Land of the Lotus Eaters. Memoir by Irena Karafilly”

Rasha’s Daughter. Fiction by Irena Karafilly

RASHA’S DAUGHTER It was agreed we would meet by the entrance to the park, where a young Mexican stood on weekends, wearing a sombrero, selling packaged ice cream. Mother, who was two months pregnant, was going to see a doctor, after which we were meant to shop for summer clothes. It was one day beforeContinue reading “Rasha’s Daughter. Fiction by Irena Karafilly”

Still Life. A story by Irena Karafilly

STILL LIFE The obstetrician looked menacing. He looked like a shark, with his small eyes and wide mouth, and all those teeth when he opened his mouth to speak. He had given up trying to breathe life into her child, and was now leaning over her under the blinding lights. For a moment, nothing came outContinue reading “Still Life. A story by Irena Karafilly”