Call for mss in support of Ukraine

(artist unknown) Before Russia brutally, tragically invaded Ukraine, we at WordCity Literary Journal had been planning a human rights issue for May 2022. We are keeping to that theme, but will now dedicate those pages to solidarity with Ukraine. Our hope is for poetry and prose that speaks to, but is not limited to theContinue reading “Call for mss in support of Ukraine”

Call for Mss. WordCity Literary Journal’s March 2022 Issue

It’s been two years now since Covid-19 circumvented the Globe. Two years of mitigations. Two years of sickness and loss. Two years of missing family, friends and the life events that bind us together. It’s also been two years of science denial. Of the continued rise of conspiracy theories and theorists. Two years of protestsContinue reading “Call for Mss. WordCity Literary Journal’s March 2022 Issue”