Ukraine Memories. a poem by Lauren Friesen

Ukraine Memories My ancestors walked here Among trees heavy with apples, Plums, and cherries Carrying baskets year in and out For canning or asleep on screens To dry for winter’s tastes. My ancestors worked here Along trenches filled with water Pleasure rafts and fish Conjuring new life From deep soils rich In food for theContinue reading “Ukraine Memories. a poem by Lauren Friesen”

Night and Day. Oh, Heisenberg. poetry by Lauren Friesen

Night and Day We cannot see it Or feel when it arrives Even our ears are helpless In separating this reality From nothingness Except we now learn That it is not a thing Or even a million But the detritus Cast off in waves From the heart Of beating atoms Within a beating heart AndContinue reading “Night and Day. Oh, Heisenberg. poetry by Lauren Friesen”