Before the Seagulls. fiction by Nightingale Jennings

Before the Seagulls Ruby was noticeable in a crowd thanks to her jet-black hair and upright posture. At age 12, people referred to her as the girl with waist-long hair. Her hair had never grown below just a drop down from shoulder-length. Ruby tried, but it didn’t help to argue even when she was ableContinue reading “Before the Seagulls. fiction by Nightingale Jennings”

My Heart. a poem by Nightingale Jennings

My Heart Hard heart, let me in, please don’t shut me out, I have no home, no family, no love, just you. What will become of me without your pulse? How can I sleep without the embers of your warmth. It is not I you seek to punish, dear heart, I have not betrayed orContinue reading “My Heart. a poem by Nightingale Jennings”

Conversation with a Painting. Fiction by Nightingale Jennings

Conversation with a Painting A long frame, 90 x 40 inches, is suspended from just below the ceiling at the far right-hand corner of the living room. The colours match the pastel background of a painting on thin canvas. It is an overwhelming montage of an entire city under construction. Walattaa’s eyes zone in andContinue reading “Conversation with a Painting. Fiction by Nightingale Jennings”