Faculty Lounge. fiction by Paul Germano

FACULTY LOUNGE Blue-eyed social studies teacher Claire Peabody pushes open the door to the faculty lounge, letting herself in and shutting out the sweaty stink of youth that permeates the middle school’s hallways. Inside the lounge, the air smells inviting, thanks to an autumn breeze blowing through a propped-open window that intermingles with the ruggedContinue reading “Faculty Lounge. fiction by Paul Germano”

Erie Boulevard. Fiction by Paul Germano

ERIE BOULEVARD After celebrating their sixth anniversary with a hearty meal at the Denny’s over on Erie Boulevard, Ed Pruitt is behind the wheel of his Honda Civic with his wife Bonnie at his side, driving on the boulevard at a furious speed, with blaring sirens in fast pursuit.  “What’s wrong with you? Slow down!”Continue reading “Erie Boulevard. Fiction by Paul Germano”

All Shook Up. Non-fiction by Paul Germano

All Shook Up Ring, ring, ring, ring. Roughly 44 years ago (August 16, 1977, to be exact), my landline rang and Nancy was on the other end. Nancy didn’t even bother to say hello. Instead she blurted out, “Elvis is dead.” I was, and still am, a big fan of Elvis Costello, so I immediatelyContinue reading “All Shook Up. Non-fiction by Paul Germano”