In the Slips. a poem by Pratibha Castle

In the Slips While the world watches Violetta, clad in years the measure of a week, journeys from Odessa with her doll and cat and a Grandma her face a crumpled map of lifetime drills framed by a scarf the color of losing urges a boy soldier put this flower in your pocket hopes hisContinue reading “In the Slips. a poem by Pratibha Castle”

Wild Lass of Kells. A poem by Pratibha Castle

Wild Lass of Kells She shuffles on the kerb outside O’Shaunessy’s, corner of Kelly and Dunleven Road. Her eyes the colour of Our Lady’s veil, scorched bluer by her copper curls. On the lookout for the Da. Her task of a Friday night to wheedle the wages off of him before he sets off onContinue reading “Wild Lass of Kells. A poem by Pratibha Castle”