The End. non-fiction by Susan Glickman

The End A dear friend had to put her dog down recently, and in commiserating with her I found myself reflecting, not for the first time, about the inconsistency between our society’s attitude to the silent suffering of our pets and that we maintain towards the (not always silent) suffering of our human companions. TooContinue reading “The End. non-fiction by Susan Glickman”

What Hunger Costs. a poem by Susan Glickman

What Hunger Costs I. All every creature wants is to survive virus or human, bat or pangolin – though in this case we may resent its drive life’s just cells mutating from within. That’s why we like to pillage habitats not ours, arboreal or aquatic, looking for stuff to use. We don’t care that theContinue reading “What Hunger Costs. a poem by Susan Glickman”

Sunflowers. non-fiction by Susan Glickman

Theodor Adorno famously declared that “To write poetry after Auschwitz is barbaric.” One might just as well observe that to paint sunflowers after Van Gogh is arrogant. But how can anyone fascinated by colour not attempt this most charismatic of blossoms? For Van Gogh himself, they invited an almost scientific investigation of chromatic possibility usingContinue reading “Sunflowers. non-fiction by Susan Glickman”

The Dove Dove. Non-fiction by Susan Glickman

“Fallen Angel.” Oil on canvas, 16×20, May 2021, by Susan Glickman The Dove Dove The scientific name for pigeon is Columbidae, a latinization of the Greek κόλυμβος (kolumbos), meaning “diver”, the name applied to pigeons in Ancient Greece and analogous to the English word “dove”, derived from to Old English dūfan: “to dive or plunge”.Continue reading “The Dove Dove. Non-fiction by Susan Glickman”