2 poems for Ukraine. by Gordon Phinn

The Family Man Wars come and go As do the politicos Who sell them to the public Under pressure from the generals And the bankers beneath them. You keep your sons clear, Steer your daughters to safety As the budgets for destruction Outstrip all their critics. You Learn that life unfolds According to some patternContinue reading “2 poems for Ukraine. by Gordon Phinn”

Springing into Something Else. a review of books by Gordon Phinn

Springing into Something Else Books Under Consideration: Beautiful World, Where Are You; Sally Rooney, (Knopf Canada2021)Orwell’s Roses, Rebecca Solnit (Viking, 2021)Nothing Could be Farther from The Truth, Christopher Evans (Anansi, 2022)Vagabond, Ceilidh Michelle, (Douglas & McIntyre, 2021)Apart, a Year of Pandemic Poetry and Prose, Courtney Bates-Hardy & Dave Margoches, eds, (Saskatchewan Writer’s Guild 2021) SomeContinue reading “Springing into Something Else. a review of books by Gordon Phinn”

Wintering Over. Books Reviewed by Gordon Phinn

Books Referenced: Leonard Cohen: Untold Stories, from this broken hill, Vol.2Michael Posner ed.  (Simon & Shuster 2021)Flower Diary, Molly Peacock (ECW 2021))Imagined Truths: myths from a draft-dodging poet, Richard Lemm (Tidewater Press 2021)We, Jane, Aimee Wall  (Book*Hug Press 2021)Danger Flower, Jaclyn Desforges (Palimpsest Press 2021)        With From This Broken Hill, editor and compilerContinue reading “Wintering Over. Books Reviewed by Gordon Phinn”

Letter from the Editor. Darcie Friesen Hossack with guest, Gordon Phinn

Since Solstice, here in the North, we’ve gained a few precious minutes of daily light. Some days it’s hard to tell. It’s colder now, so the warmth of the sun can feel far away. And yet, as certain as the earth’s path through the solar system, the light is returning. This issue, we are thankfulContinue reading “Letter from the Editor. Darcie Friesen Hossack with guest, Gordon Phinn”

Leonard Cohen and Robert Fulford. An Essay by Gordon Phinn

Leonard Cohen and Robert Fulford Leonard Cohen, Untold Stories: The Early Years by Michael Posner (Simon&Shuster, 2020) Matters Of Vital Interest: A Forty-Year Friendship with Leonard Cohen  by Eric Lerner (DaCapo Press 2018) Leonard Cohen: A Woodcut Biography by George A. Walker (Firefly Books 2020) A Life In Paragraphs: Essays by Robert Fulford (Optimum PublishingContinue reading “Leonard Cohen and Robert Fulford. An Essay by Gordon Phinn”

Two book-related essays. By Gordon Phinn

Two book-related essays by Gordon Phinn from his recently published book It’s All About Me: How Criticism Mirrors The Self BOOK: Another Day Of Life by Ryszard Kapuskinski The day I began to compose myself in order to write this review, the author’s introduction reminded me that the war in Angola has been grinding onContinue reading “Two book-related essays. By Gordon Phinn”

Books Reviewed. By Gordon Phinn

Books Referenced: The Dig, John Preston (Penguin2007/21) My Salinger Year, Joanna Rakoff (Knopf 2014) On Opium, Carlyn Zwarenstein (Goose Lane 2021) Bread and Water, dee Hobsbawn-Smith (University of Regina Press 2021) Books Wars, John B. Thompson (Polity Press 2021) Everything and Less, Mark McGurl (Verso 2021) The Collected Poetry of Carol Shields, ed. Nora FosterContinue reading “Books Reviewed. By Gordon Phinn”

Book Reviews by Gordon Phinn

In a recent New Yorker I discovered, much to my amusement, the unvarnished truth about the book-summarizing service Blinkist, whose users care not to lumber through such tomes as Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, Michelle Obama’s Becoming or Ghislaine Maxwell’s 500-page deposition for her upcoming trial. Fans recounted the huge benefits of gulping down textsContinue reading “Book Reviews by Gordon Phinn”

A Review of Books. By Gordon Phinn

Books Reviewed: Glorious Birds, Heidi Greco (Anvil Press)Freedom, Sebastian Junger (Harper Collins)Letters in a Bruised Cosmos, Liz Howard (McClelland&Stewart)Postcolonial Love Poem, Natalie Diaz (Graywolf Press)Conjure, Rae Armantrout (Wesleyan University Press)Norma Jeane Baker of Troy, Anne Carson (New Directions) * I am always pleased to see small presses venture out of their established playground and Vancouver’sContinue reading “A Review of Books. By Gordon Phinn”

Home. A poem by Gordon Phinn

Home Sipping on cold ales As supper succumbs To it own sense of perfection While Paul O’Dette plucks the Magic of John Dowland In this candlelight where Centuries wither into seconds, We imbibe the soft trance of Smiling in your own home, Hearing ourselves whisper The thanks that are due. Gordon Phinn has been writingContinue reading “Home. A poem by Gordon Phinn”