Shock and denial. fiction by Doug Jacquier

Shock and denial Rufus Hornblower, the ‘it’s only the flu’, ‘it’s your sovereign right not to wear a mask’, ‘vaccination’s a plot’ shock jock, was bewildered when he woke up on a hospital trolley in a warehouse, after he’d gone to ER about his severe breathing difficulties. A doctor wearing full PPE was observing himContinue reading “Shock and denial. fiction by Doug Jacquier”

This Christmas. fiction by Marzia Rahman

This Christmas This year, Christmas will come quietly, unceremoniously. There won’t be any Christmas party this time. Santa will come, wearing a mask, riding a chariot but he will avoid the crowd. April is the cruelest month—T. S. Eliot once wrote in his epic poem, The Waste Land—Ryan, a young Bulgarian poet in his earlyContinue reading “This Christmas. fiction by Marzia Rahman”

Carol. fiction by Julia Abelsohn

CAROL There’s no easy way to say this – I think I’m dead. I know I tend to be a pessimist – glass half empty or whatever – but I do believe that I’ve passed on to the other side. It’s because I’m having trouble moving my legs. I’m trying to move my left legContinue reading “Carol. fiction by Julia Abelsohn”

1992. fiction by DC Diamondopolous

  1992 A black cloud of smoke near the intersection of Florence and Normandie drifted toward Mrs. Kim’s California Dry Cleaning store in South Central Los Angeles. She turned the sign to closed and locked the door. Her husband phoned telling her to come home. The jury had acquitted the four white police officers accusedContinue reading “1992. fiction by DC Diamondopolous”

And Still Burning. fiction by Mansour Noorbakhsh

And Still Burning We — my colleague, and I —were in Rome, Italy, in the mid 90s. We had travelled there as the engineering team of an Iranian project to work with the vendor. The Iran-Iraq war had ended and some industrial projects had been re-started in Iran. As soon as we arrived and wereContinue reading “And Still Burning. fiction by Mansour Noorbakhsh”

A Wedding Gift. fiction by Dave Kavanagh

A Wedding Gift Dublin wept like a moody middle-aged woman, her tears cascading in a saccharin sleet of cherry blossom, the park littered with their detritus. Spring is so untidy. Despite the sunshine, a breeze cut in directly across the Mourne Mountains with fingers of Baltic ice that quickly made my skin feel raw. IContinue reading “A Wedding Gift. fiction by Dave Kavanagh”

Before the Seagulls. fiction by Nightingale Jennings

Before the Seagulls Ruby was noticeable in a crowd thanks to her jet-black hair and upright posture. At age 12, people referred to her as the girl with waist-long hair. Her hair had never grown below just a drop down from shoulder-length. Ruby tried, but it didn’t help to argue even when she was ableContinue reading “Before the Seagulls. fiction by Nightingale Jennings”

Sister Thresa’s Acting Class. fiction by Pat Jourdan

Sister Thresa’s Acting Class    1 A card on the school noticeboard announced that any girl wishing to join Sister Theresa’s Acting Class should go to the hall in the lower corridor after school on Tuesdays. At four p.m. exactly, with all our homework packed into bags and briefcases, eight of us showed up. The firstContinue reading “Sister Thresa’s Acting Class. fiction by Pat Jourdan”