Fires Near Me. fiction by Faye Brinsmead

Fires Near Me We went to bed with the sliding doors open, but smoke woke us at 4. Uncanny, how fast the sleeping brain reacts to fire. The slightest whiff, and bam! You sprang up and closed the doors.  Thanks. I stroked the back of your neck, C1 and C2, where you tense up. Aircon?Continue reading “Fires Near Me. fiction by Faye Brinsmead”

Cut As if By Knife. fiction by Wayne F. Burke

CUT AS IF BY KNIFE JOHNNY GARIBALDI trudged up the soft clover-covered hillside. A black strand of hair, fallen from his pompadour, lay curled on his forehead. Johnny’s shoulders were broad and he had egg-shaped biceps from working-out with the Charles Atlas Expander bar (3 easy payments 9.95 each). Donny Baguette walked beside Johnny: thin,Continue reading “Cut As if By Knife. fiction by Wayne F. Burke”

In the Beginning There Was Sound. fiction by Dana Neacşu

In the Beginning There Was Sound In the beginning the sound incorporated the meaning of silence, too. Humming remembrance of the past. Of what happened, was imagined, or profoundly desired. Like an unventilated waiting room in a train station buzzing with flies. The door opens without a creak and the click-clack of heels announces anContinue reading “In the Beginning There Was Sound. fiction by Dana Neacşu”

WordCity Literary Journal. September 2022.

©®| All rights to the content of this journal remain with WordCity Literary Journal and its contributing artists. Table of Contents Letter from the Editor. Non-fiction Editor Olga Stein Where We are Now Putting together an issue that is critical of the new anti-abortion laws in the USA has been wrenching for us at WordCity.Continue reading “WordCity Literary Journal. September 2022.”

Nature’s Child. fiction by Anjum Wasim Dar

Nature’s Child Tied to the armchair with a broad brown leather belt, his fists clenched, muttering, gasping unintelligibly under his breath, angry at something or somebody, an unhappy frown shadowing his brow, hair cropped short, feet bare and sharply white.She recalled the child’s first image. Everyone called him Tari, he was always around the house,Continue reading “Nature’s Child. fiction by Anjum Wasim Dar”

Someone I Used to Know. fiction by Heather Rath

Someone I Used to Know Bounding with pizzazz across the stage in a tight bikini (or was it a superb body paint job?), she shook her bountiful breasts, wiggled her tight ass. Leaned provocatively over the lusting males in the first row.  On assignment for a small-town weekly, (you’re a woman. Visit one of thoseContinue reading “Someone I Used to Know. fiction by Heather Rath”

Bulletin:  A Housewife In Scranton, Pennsylvania. fiction by Michael Edwards

Bulletin:  A Housewife In Scranton, Pennsylvania A housewife in Scranton, Pennsylvania, has reported to local police that she was abducted in broad daylight last month by four-foot, gray-skinned humanoids from outer space. After taking her onboard their spacecraft, the aliens communicated with the woman telepathically, she claims, explaining to her the following.  On their planet, anContinue reading “Bulletin:  A Housewife In Scranton, Pennsylvania. fiction by Michael Edwards

While Women Rage In Winter. fiction by Rachel J Fenton

While Women Rage In Winter I don’t want to occupy a place of importance. Knowing other people like to harbour their children’s swim gear safe from spray under the reef-like shelter of this plastic table, I leave one chair between me and it. In essence the seat’s already taken; there’s a small piece of puttyContinue reading “While Women Rage In Winter. fiction by Rachel J Fenton”

The Knights of Malta trilogy. by Marthese Fenech

This page is a surprise book birthday present for Marthese Fenech, whose decades-in-the-making trilogy reached its epic conclusion this month. Mar is not only a WordCity Literary Journal contributor and supporter, but a friend and an inspiration. With her brave and capable women characters, Mar’s historical fiction, and Mar herself, embody the spirit and strengthContinue reading “The Knights of Malta trilogy. by Marthese Fenech”

Surrey Muse Arts Society. Awards for Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, Visual and Musical Arts

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