Sylvia Petter in Conversation with Jane SpokenWord

Sylvia Petter is an Australian author based in Vienna, Austria. She writes in English and in German, writing short and long short stories, poetry, articles, and book reviews. Her stories appear online, in magazines, anthologies, at Ether Books and in her collections. She has attended workshops and writing conferences in Austria, Australia, Canada, France, Ireland,Continue reading “Sylvia Petter in Conversation with Jane SpokenWord”

2 poems by Mansour Noorbakhsh

Bread and Shame I open my eyes but I do not see the world. I see a child dreaming of rain in a thirsty desert that has forgotten the moment. And the song of its spring wraps itself in the cedar-shape-skirts of little girls, forgotten in a thousand-years-old-maze design that has forgotten smiling. The littleContinue reading “2 poems by Mansour Noorbakhsh”

WordCity Literary Journal. March 2021. Issue 7

Letter from the Editor, Darcie Friesen Hossack When I began to write this letter, it was March 8th: International Women’s Day. Needing to drive to the city for an appointment, I ended up far from home, and without secure access to the internet until now. And while I intended to publish this, our 7th issueContinue reading “WordCity Literary Journal. March 2021. Issue 7”

3 poems by Zakaria Abdul-Hakim

FOR OUR CHILDREN Come, all Like blacksmiths, Shall we carve words Capable of rearing rocks. Come, all Like the army Shall we parade the world To tell the message of peace For your children Shall we parade the world To tell the message of peace For your children Shall we build a world Made ofContinue reading “3 poems by Zakaria Abdul-Hakim”

Rice cake for Tết. A poem by Lang-Hoan Pham

Rice cake for Tết It comes to you steaming on a plate, tight wrapped, a hospital-cornered cushion of leaves. First you cut the strings – tied into a loop so it could be fished out of boiling water. Fingers inured to heat you lift off the layers, no need to be careful anymore. You canContinue reading “Rice cake for Tết. A poem by Lang-Hoan Pham”

3 poems by Marion de Vos-Hoekstra

Pheromones   Shamelessly they quiver in Spring breeze like pink tongues of panting dogs, lust for sun, breathe out those invisible vapors to seduce their pollinating lovers: no conscience, those flowers, or is there?   Animals flehm, a grimace on their faces, curl their upper lip like a smile, bare their teeth, not for aggression,Continue reading “3 poems by Marion de Vos-Hoekstra”

the flypaper motel. A poem by Josephine LoRe

the flypaper motel she was six, maybe seven unbuckled, back seat of the Catalina John Coltrane on the radio the first time that she passed it the Flypaper Motel   words suspended like motes Mother’s eyes averted Father’s look lingering long as it receded to nothing in the rear-view mirror a speck on dry horizonContinue reading “the flypaper motel. A poem by Josephine LoRe”

The dreamery inshore. An ephrastic poem by Paweł Markiewicz

Picture of Abraham Hulk The dreamery inshore   A  dreamed  ship has gone aground at the most marvelous and dreamiest afterglow. The mast adverts to orientation of a tender Morning star. Seafarers died at midnight feeling the sea-like fantasy. The wind wrenched a canvas, such a Golden Fleece, to the piratical islands. The sea isContinue reading “The dreamery inshore. An ephrastic poem by Paweł Markiewicz”

3 poems by SUN Qian. Translated by Yin Xiaoyuan

The Encounter Between Snow and Cherry Blossoms The melancholic should listen with more concentration to a voice beyond words. Descending from the heavens of the sophisticated gyri the whispers sound so calm and limpid like murmured prayers in the wind. Melodies of the multi-voice hymns are usually undistinguishable in the slumbering bass of this world;Continue reading “3 poems by SUN Qian. Translated by Yin Xiaoyuan”