Collected Poetry from the University of Guelph Creative Writing Program

Enriching Canadian Literature One Poem at a Timein the University of Guelph’s CourseENGL*4720 Creative Writing: Poetry, Fall 2020, Section: 01Diana Manole The fourth-year capstone course in Creative Writing Poetry at the University of Guelph’s School of English and Theatre Studies (SETS) has been one of the most rewarding, emotionally intense, and challenging courses I haveContinue reading “Collected Poetry from the University of Guelph Creative Writing Program”

Poetry by Diana Manole

Bliss Molecules To COVID-19 Survivors The smell of water, fresh water, seawater, dead water, marshes and streams, water carrying her away— folded, squished rocked on the tides of a second Noah’s flood come true, no ark in sight, no piece of timber randomly afloat, all expectations lowered to the basics “Lower her!” “Turn her!” “HoldContinue reading “Poetry by Diana Manole”