My battle scars. Non-fiction by Diary Marif

My battle scars   A scar the size of a small spider mars the left side of my head. It holds the memory of a four-year-old boy, who only knew war for the first four years of his life. His playground was an empty field and his toys were cannonballs, found among the ruins. One day,Continue reading “My battle scars. Non-fiction by Diary Marif”

Letters from Kilburn. fiction by Vanessa Gebbie

LETTERS FROM KILBURN 901 Essex HeightsKilburnLondonUnited KingdomOctober 15 Dear Your Majesty,      I hope you do not mind that I am writing. It is about the water pipes at Essex Heights.  The water is brown and I am worried. I have asked the Immigration Office many times but they say the pipes are old.     IContinue reading “Letters from Kilburn. fiction by Vanessa Gebbie”