My battle scars. Non-fiction by Diary Marif

My battle scars   A scar the size of a small spider mars the left side of my head. It holds the memory of a four-year-old boy, who only knew war for the first four years of his life. His playground was an empty field and his toys were cannonballs, found among the ruins. One day,Continue reading “My battle scars. Non-fiction by Diary Marif”

November 2022 Editorial: Our War on War. by Olga Stein

Our War on War War isn’t a place anyone would want to visit. Even this statement borders on the inane and insensitive, given the scale of destruction, death, and suffering we’ve been shown by journalists who’re forced to shield consumers of news from the real devastation taking place on the ground. Let’s keep in mindContinue reading “November 2022 Editorial: Our War on War. by Olga Stein”

Good for You. a letter from Bänoo Zan

Good for You Dear Fellow-Writer in the West, I see the uncomfortable expression on your face in the face of the ongoing protests in Iran. I see you cannot wrap your head around the fact that the citizens of a Muslim-majority country are demanding an end to an “Islamic” regime. I acknowledge that this isContinue reading “Good for You. a letter from Bänoo Zan”

Call for November Mss. Disasters

For our November 2022 issue, WordCity Literary Journal will turn its eyes on disasters: Natural disasters such as storms. Human-made as with Climate Change. Political. Personal. From the macro to the micro. While we leave this theme wide open to interpretation, our hearts are looking towards Iran with grief and hope as its people protestContinue reading “Call for November Mss. Disasters”

a poem for this very place. this very day. 2 poems by Mansour Noorbakhsh

a poem for this very place and this very day (In protest of the law restricting Internet access and cyberspace in Iran) and who knows how many times every day i come to visit this “electronic” virtual page. and I look again and again. i look at the screenshots of a book you’ve posted orContinue reading “a poem for this very place. this very day. 2 poems by Mansour Noorbakhsh”