My battle scars. Non-fiction by Diary Marif

My battle scars   A scar the size of a small spider mars the left side of my head. It holds the memory of a four-year-old boy, who only knew war for the first four years of his life. His playground was an empty field and his toys were cannonballs, found among the ruins. One day,Continue reading “My battle scars. Non-fiction by Diary Marif”

Hearts for Ukraine. fine art by Adam Young

Hearts for Ukraine, by Canadian artist Adam Young, raised $65,000CAD For Voices of Children Ukraine. We at WordCity Literary Journal are honoured to share Young’s work and his vision. Please visit Young Studios on Facebook. In posts from March 2022, you will find details of the auction (now closed). While there, please enjoy more stunningContinue reading “Hearts for Ukraine. fine art by Adam Young”

Revisiting 1990s Russia: Biznes in the Wild East. editorial by Olga Stein

Olga Stein’s May, 2022 editorial Revisiting 1990s Russia: Biznes in the Wild East Russia’s invasion of Ukraine constitutes one of the biggest, gravest assaults on national sovereignty and human rights in decades. How does one explain it? Is there a political context one can parse well enough to make sense of decisions that have ledContinue reading “Revisiting 1990s Russia: Biznes in the Wild East. editorial by Olga Stein”

Words for War. selected poems. Oksana Maksymchuk & Max Rosochinsky

WordCity Literary Journal gratefully acknowledges editors Oksana Maksymchuk and Max Rosochinsky and the following poets for partnering with us on this issue. For more on this collection, please visit and consider purchasing from your favourite bookshop. Contents: Anastasia Afanasieva – from The Plain Sense of Things Vasyl Horoborodko – I fly away in theContinue reading “Words for War. selected poems. Oksana Maksymchuk & Max Rosochinsky”

Lament for Mariupol. a poem by Jack J. B. Hutchens

Lament for Mariupol It is impossible to get lost in flattened ruins as grainy char will always point you towards hell, and tall buildings wavering in the hazy Slavic evening no longer obstruct violent red horizons. This long-forgotten place, squeezed between the wide European plain and the cold deep of the Azov Sea, is nowContinue reading “Lament for Mariupol. a poem by Jack J. B. Hutchens”

3 poems for Ukraine. by Katia Kapovich

Chronicles of this war In February the world became silent like a mouse, you open a comp to see a falling house, an old man embracing what is left, a puppy, while in the background burns a flying canopy that somehow flew through the broken window glass. So the old man takes an empty bottle,Continue reading “3 poems for Ukraine. by Katia Kapovich”

Call for mss in support of Ukraine

(artist unknown) Before Russia brutally, tragically invaded Ukraine, we at WordCity Literary Journal had been planning a human rights issue for May 2022. We are keeping to that theme, but will now dedicate those pages to solidarity with Ukraine. Our hope is for poetry and prose that speaks to, but is not limited to theContinue reading “Call for mss in support of Ukraine”