November 2022 Editorial: Our War on War. by Olga Stein

Our War on War War isn’t a place anyone would want to visit. Even this statement borders on the inane and insensitive, given the scale of destruction, death, and suffering we’ve been shown by journalists who’re forced to shield consumers of news from the real devastation taking place on the ground. Let’s keep in mindContinue reading “November 2022 Editorial: Our War on War. by Olga Stein”

Call for November Mss. Disasters

For our November 2022 issue, WordCity Literary Journal will turn its eyes on disasters: Natural disasters such as storms. Human-made as with Climate Change. Political. Personal. From the macro to the micro. While we leave this theme wide open to interpretation, our hearts are looking towards Iran with grief and hope as its people protestContinue reading “Call for November Mss. Disasters”