Call for November Mss. Disasters

For our November 2022 issue, WordCity Literary Journal will turn its eyes on disasters: Natural disasters such as storms. Human-made as with Climate Change. Political. Personal. From the macro to the micro. While we leave this theme wide open to interpretation, our hearts are looking towards Iran with grief and hope as its people protestContinue reading “Call for November Mss. Disasters”

Surrey Muse Arts Society. Awards for Fiction, Non-fiction, Poetry, Visual and Musical Arts

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WordCity Literary Journal. July 2022. Letter from the Editor. Darcie Friesen Hossack

Every so often, we leave our theme open to whatever may be on the minds and hearts (and also in the files) of writers and poets around the world. It feels important for us to not always plan ahead. For this, our July 2022 issue, that decision has brought about a collection of work thatContinue reading “WordCity Literary Journal. July 2022. Letter from the Editor. Darcie Friesen Hossack”

Call for mss. Women’s Voices, Women’s Stories.

For September 2022, WordCity Literary Journal is seeking works on women’s issues and stories, including but not limited to reproductive and other rights related to the experience of being women and girls. WCLJ is inclusive, and we welcome writing and art from trans-women for this issue (because trans-women are women). On the subject of reproductiveContinue reading “Call for mss. Women’s Voices, Women’s Stories.”