December Lights. a poem by Monica Manolachi

December Lights The blinds opened at night let in the moon, who paints the dreams of someone loved. When cars give hasty glances through the windows, the morning sunrays join you for breakfast. An old shop shedding a flood of glass tears reminds you of innocent hands. The hopes glimmering on people’ faces roost inContinue reading “December Lights. a poem by Monica Manolachi”

On Reading Travel Documents. A Poem by Monica Manolachi

On Reading Travel Documents My full name means I am still alive. This photograph means I’ve crossed a desert and a sea to get here. This date of birth means beginnings are usually scary. This place of birth means fear is always looking for a nest. This number is someone forced to abandon their homeContinue reading “On Reading Travel Documents. A Poem by Monica Manolachi”

Biter Cherries. Burdocks. 2 poems by Monica Manolachi

Bitter Cherries It took her a month to buy a salt shaker. One day she had a last eclair with her daughters in town. She left her soul at home on the hallstand and slowly climbed the airstairs to the country of sighing where immigrants go. A walking dead as she was, she had noContinue reading “Biter Cherries. Burdocks. 2 poems by Monica Manolachi”