While Women Rage In Winter. fiction by Rachel J Fenton

While Women Rage In Winter I don’t want to occupy a place of importance. Knowing other people like to harbour their children’s swim gear safe from spray under the reef-like shelter of this plastic table, I leave one chair between me and it. In essence the seat’s already taken; there’s a small piece of puttyContinue reading “While Women Rage In Winter. fiction by Rachel J Fenton”

Freyja. a poem by Rachel J. Fenton

Freyja for Robert Sullivan My people’s fierceness is noted in poetry and prose. When I approach your ship, I steer a position to my favour, furl my sail. My mast is un-stepped before I tether my vessel to yours so that we become two islands made one. Do not try to hurl yourself overboard, thereContinue reading “Freyja. a poem by Rachel J. Fenton”

Miscarriage. Mynah Messiah. 2 Poems by Rachel J. Fenton

Miscarriage A German Shepherd has his head and front paws in your hutch, lifted off the lid to climb in and almost had you. I had woken from a dream; thought I’d heard someone knocking the fence in. Outside the bedroom window, the dog stares when I scream ‘Oh,’ as if I’ve discovered my babyContinue reading “Miscarriage. Mynah Messiah. 2 Poems by Rachel J. Fenton”