Words for War. selected poems. Oksana Maksymchuk & Max Rosochinsky

WordCity Literary Journal gratefully acknowledges editors Oksana Maksymchuk and Max Rosochinsky and the following poets for partnering with us on this issue. For more on this collection, please visit https://www.wordsforwar.com and consider purchasing from your favourite bookshop. Contents: Anastasia Afanasieva – from The Plain Sense of Things Vasyl Horoborodko – I fly away in theContinue reading “Words for War. selected poems. Oksana Maksymchuk & Max Rosochinsky”

2 poems for Ukraine. by Gordon Phinn

The Family Man Wars come and go As do the politicos Who sell them to the public Under pressure from the generals And the bankers beneath them. You keep your sons clear, Steer your daughters to safety As the budgets for destruction Outstrip all their critics. You Learn that life unfolds According to some patternContinue reading “2 poems for Ukraine. by Gordon Phinn”