Damascus. A poem by Ken Cathers

Damascus   there was a time I thought it would all             make sense   the mysteries unravel a secret knot revealed on the inside spindle of everything.   was sure there was a certain age  when magic tricks and miracles became transparent.   it has been a disappointment part of the gradual attrition ofContinue reading “Damascus. A poem by Ken Cathers”

Festival of Dashain. A poem by Saraswoti Lamichhane

Festival of Dashain   Dashain comes again in Canada from the back alley of busy routine  on a Monday watches my two hands multiplied ten a battle of usual weekdays    to my daughters, Dashain is a story I tell them in the car, until we reach the school  every year, the same story endsContinue reading “Festival of Dashain. A poem by Saraswoti Lamichhane”

Solsitice Song. A poem by Josephine LoRe

Solstice Song bury me in ashes bury me in bone bury me in mountainland a thousand miles from home   bury me the depth of my height the width of my wonderment and want   toss yellowed roses onto freshdug mound let each poet stand and speak one single syllable unutterable truth   for IContinue reading “Solsitice Song. A poem by Josephine LoRe”

What I (roundly) made. A prose poem by Dawn Promislow

What I (roundly) made This is a mandarin cake, I made it. It’s orange as you see, the brightest, deepest orange, and it’s made with four whole mandarins (or two whole oranges, or four clementines), one-and-a-half cups of ground almonds, two tablespoons of orange blossom water (which comes from Lebanon), and a couple of otherContinue reading “What I (roundly) made. A prose poem by Dawn Promislow”

Literary News and Writing Advice with Sue Burge

This month’s literary news is very exciting –  there’s a new poetry retreat experience available to black poets of African descent.  It’s called Obsidian Foundation and its founder is Nick Makoha.  Nick is frantically busy fine-tuning the Obsidian Foundation experience ready to receive its first batch of students so I was delighted that we wereContinue reading “Literary News and Writing Advice with Sue Burge”

The Story of a Long Distance Marriage by Siddhesh Inamdar. A review by Geraldine Sinyuy

Review by Geraldine Sinyuy As I walked in the book section of a mall on Hosur Road, Bangalore, India on January 12, 2019,  searching for interesting  books to take back home to Cameroon, my curious eyes fell on  Siddhesh Inamdar’s novel: A Story of a Long Distance marriage. My eager hands immediately reached out forContinue reading “The Story of a Long Distance Marriage by Siddhesh Inamdar. A review by Geraldine Sinyuy”

Book Reviews by Gordon Phinn

In a recent New Yorker I discovered, much to my amusement, the unvarnished truth about the book-summarizing service Blinkist, whose users care not to lumber through such tomes as Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury, Michelle Obama’s Becoming or Ghislaine Maxwell’s 500-page deposition for her upcoming trial. Fans recounted the huge benefits of gulping down textsContinue reading “Book Reviews by Gordon Phinn”

New Books from Mbizo Chirasha, James Coburn and David Swanson

Introducing two new books by Time of the Poet Republic founder, Mbizo Chirasha, together with James Coburn, Nobel Peace Prize Nominee David Swanson and WORLDBEYONDWAR.ORG https://www.amazon.com/Second-Earth-Peace-Mbizo-Chirasha/dp/1734783737 The poets in this book are from many corners of the globe, a lot of them from places with wars. What does it feel like to be “collateral damage”?Continue reading “New Books from Mbizo Chirasha, James Coburn and David Swanson”

A Conversation with Ram Dass on Finding Hope in a Dark World. by Chris Corbett

A Conversation with Ram Dass on Finding Hope in a Dark World I was first introduced to the book Be Here Now in 1972 by the big sister of my high school sweetheart. I had already been reading books like Autobiography of a Yogi, Christopher Isherwood’s book on Indian philosophy, and anything else I couldContinue reading “A Conversation with Ram Dass on Finding Hope in a Dark World. by Chris Corbett”