Literary Spotlight. Dawn Promislow in Conversation with Sue Burge

I am delighted to be chatting to Dawn Promislow for this issue of WordCity.  It’s an exciting time for Dawn with her novel, Wan, coming out this month. Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer states, “Wan is a masterpiece. This beautiful, painterly, sublime, and sonically exquisite novel by Dawn Promislow is a work of utter genius.” And having got myContinue reading “Literary Spotlight. Dawn Promislow in Conversation with Sue Burge”

Wan. a novel excerpt by Dawn Promislow

Wan I left, one day, my studio at noon, and walked under the dim trees, across to the garden room. The heater Josias had brought was next to the door. I went to the door, that door that now inhabited my dreams, and knocked. It was such a thin knock in the silence of theContinue reading “Wan. a novel excerpt by Dawn Promislow”

Watershed. Novel Excerpt by Doreen Vanderstoop

Watershed (a novel excerpt) Written by Doreen Vanderstoop and reprinted with permission from Freehand Books The faint hiss of airbrakes sounded above the wind. Willa Van Bruggen looked eastward and shielded her eyes against the May morning light. The sun lay low in the sky—a beautiful, terrible, celestial raspberry coloured by dust and by smokeContinue reading “Watershed. Novel Excerpt by Doreen Vanderstoop”