Literary Spotlight. Dawn Promislow in Conversation with Sue Burge

I am delighted to be chatting to Dawn Promislow for this issue of WordCity.  It’s an exciting time for Dawn with her novel, Wan, coming out this month. Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer states, “Wan is a masterpiece. This beautiful, painterly, sublime, and sonically exquisite novel by Dawn Promislow is a work of utter genius.” And having got myContinue reading “Literary Spotlight. Dawn Promislow in Conversation with Sue Burge”

Wan. a novel excerpt by Dawn Promislow

Wan I left, one day, my studio at noon, and walked under the dim trees, across to the garden room. The heater Josias had brought was next to the door. I went to the door, that door that now inhabited my dreams, and knocked. It was such a thin knock in the silence of theContinue reading “Wan. a novel excerpt by Dawn Promislow”

Pushelat, Lithuania. Non-fiction by Dawn Promislow

Pushelat, Lithuania I was in Lithuania. I thought I would try to see the village of Pušalotas. My friend’s father came from there; it was a shtetl with two hundred Jewish inhabitants on the eve of the Second World War. The town was known, in Yiddish, as Pushelat. So I hired a man to driveContinue reading “Pushelat, Lithuania. Non-fiction by Dawn Promislow”

What I Want. An ekphrastic poem by Dawn Promislow

“Mobile garden dress” by Nicole Dextras, as seen in installation at Todmorden Mills, Toronto, July 2014. What I want   What i want to know is, yellow lady, light midsummer light yes you, yellow-skirt dandelion, lionness potted pothead on Pottery Road potting pots   potting about lady skirting there   yes, you   mellow yellow-dappledContinue reading “What I Want. An ekphrastic poem by Dawn Promislow”

What I (roundly) made. A prose poem by Dawn Promislow

What I (roundly) made This is a mandarin cake, I made it. It’s orange as you see, the brightest, deepest orange, and it’s made with four whole mandarins (or two whole oranges, or four clementines), one-and-a-half cups of ground almonds, two tablespoons of orange blossom water (which comes from Lebanon), and a couple of otherContinue reading “What I (roundly) made. A prose poem by Dawn Promislow”