Pushelat, Lithuania. Non-fiction by Dawn Promislow

Pushelat, Lithuania I was in Lithuania. I thought I would try to see the village of Pušalotas. My friend’s father came from there; it was a shtetl with two hundred Jewish inhabitants on the eve of the Second World War. The town was known, in Yiddish, as Pushelat. So I hired a man to driveContinue reading “Pushelat, Lithuania. Non-fiction by Dawn Promislow”

What I Want. An ekphrastic poem by Dawn Promislow

“Mobile garden dress” by Nicole Dextras, as seen in installation at Todmorden Mills, Toronto, July 2014. What I want   What i want to know is, yellow lady, light midsummer light yes you, yellow-skirt dandelion, lionness potted pothead on Pottery Road potting pots   potting about lady skirting there   yes, you   mellow yellow-dappledContinue reading “What I Want. An ekphrastic poem by Dawn Promislow”

What I (roundly) made. A prose poem by Dawn Promislow

What I (roundly) made This is a mandarin cake, I made it. It’s orange as you see, the brightest, deepest orange, and it’s made with four whole mandarins (or two whole oranges, or four clementines), one-and-a-half cups of ground almonds, two tablespoons of orange blossom water (which comes from Lebanon), and a couple of otherContinue reading “What I (roundly) made. A prose poem by Dawn Promislow”