3 poems for Ukraine. by Katia Kapovich

Chronicles of this war In February the world became silent like a mouse, you open a comp to see a falling house, an old man embracing what is left, a puppy, while in the background burns a flying canopy that somehow flew through the broken window glass. So the old man takes an empty bottle,Continue reading “3 poems for Ukraine. by Katia Kapovich”

From “Three Samizdat Winters”. Non-Fiction by Katia Kopovich

From “Three Samizdat Winters” by Katia Kapovich, an autobiographical account in the style of a Künstlerroman of Kapovich’s youth in Russia’s former Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic I entered the bedroom I that shared with Larissa, lay down on the plaid-covered low bed, and began to scrutinize the ceiling. As I did this, I asked myselfContinue reading “From “Three Samizdat Winters”. Non-Fiction by Katia Kopovich”